Elon Musk Now Looking to Hide Reply, Like and Retweet Numbers on Twitter/X

by | Oct 8, 2023

Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly known as Twitter), announced that they will no longer show the number of retweets and likes on the homepage. Instead, you will only see the view count on the main timeline, and the other metrics will be visible when you click on a post. This change is part of Musk’s efforts to make the platform more visually appealing and improve readability.

number of retweets and likes on X

Some people are concerned that this change will lead to more misleading and false content on X. A recent report found that X had a high number of disinformation posts compared to other social media platforms, raising worries about potential fines under new laws against fake news.

Musk has been making several product changes to transform X, including charging users for verification and removing text from shared links. He has also been trying to attract creators by sharing revenue from ads displayed alongside tweets, but this feature is only available to those subscribed to the X Premium monthly service.

The update to hide retweet and like counts may be part of a larger plan to make X more like YouTube. X has also introduced a slideshow of videos in a TikTok-style format on mobile.

Overall, Musk believes that these changes will enhance the design and readability of X. He expressed his dislike for the previous URL cards and emphasized that removing interaction counts from the main timeline will greatly improve the user experience.

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