Over Half of Twitter Blue’s Initial Subscribers Are No Longer Paying

Elon Musk would be surprised to learn that more than half of Twitter Blue’s initial subscribers Are No Longer Paying. According to Mashable, “just around 68,157 have stuck around and maintained a paid subscription as of April 30” out of approximately 150,000 early Twitter Blue subscribers.
According to the article, not many Twitter Blue subscribers are sticking around, using data gathered by independent researcher Travis Brown.

Musk and Twitter have yet to respond to the report’s numbers.

According to reports from last year, 150,000 users joined up Twitter Blue within a few days of its November launch.

For around a month, the microblogging site also temporarily prohibited new signups “shortly after those users subscribed as a result of accounts signing up for Blue with the intent to impersonate major brands on the platform.”

According to the data, about 81,843 people, or 54.5 percent of Twitter users who first joined Blue, have terminated their subscriptions.

“That’s an abnormally high churn rate for an online subscription service,” according to the research.

As Musk pushed for every Twitter user to pay beginning April 20, an earlier report revealed that half of Blue service subscribers have fewer than 1,000 followers on the platform.

Furthermore, 2,270 paying Twitter Blue subscribers have no followers.

Brown claims that Twitter Blue currently has 444,435 paying subscribers.

Around half of all paid Twitter subscribers (around 220,132 individuals) have fewer than 1,000 followers.

On April 20, Musk eventually erased all historically verified accounts with Blue tick marks but allowed some celebrities to keep them.

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Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com


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