OxygenOS 14 Update Now Available for OnePlus 11 in India, Global Rollout Coming Soon

by | Nov 16, 2023

OnePlus 11

Good news for OnePlus 11 users! OnePlus has started rolling out the OxygenOS 14 update for OnePlus 11 users in India. The update is based on Android 14 and comes with various new features and improvements. Initially, it will be available to users who participated in the Close Beta and Open Beta versions of the software. After the beta testers receive the update, it will be rolled out to regular OnePlus 11 users.

The company has not yet confirmed the roll-out plan for other eligible OnePlus devices, but a stable update is expected in the coming weeks. Before installing the update, OnePlus recommends ensuring the device has at least a 30% battery charge and a minimum of 5GB of storage space.

What New Features and Improvements Does the OxygenOS 14 Update Bring to the OnePlus 11?

OxygenOS 14 introduces the Trinity Engine 1, a new platform aimed at enhancing system-wide performance. This platform incorporates Vita (Vitalisation) enhancements for the CPU, RAM, and ROM, allowing OnePlus to optimize internal resources and enhance performance without compromising battery life.

The update also includes HyperRendering, HyperTouch, and HyperBoost technologies, which result in improved in-game graphics, precise touch control, and better arrangement of AI-based graphics elements.

OnePlus has also added new privacy features to OxygenOS 14. This includes photo management permissions that restrict apps from directly accessing media. When enabled, apps need to request authorization through a pop-up window to access photos and videos.

In terms of the user interface, OxygenOS 14 brings Aquamorphic Design 2.0, which introduces new transition effects, animations, music, and color systems. Additionally, the update introduces Fluid Cloud, a feature that presents notifications in the form of bubbles, capsules, and panels.

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Overall, the OxygenOS 14 update for OnePlus 11 brings a range of new features and improvements, including enhanced performance, better graphics, improved privacy features, and an updated user interface.

Source: www.business-standard.com

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