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A Review of Paragraph-Generator.com: Introduction, Benefits, Uses, and Alternatives

by | Mar 30, 2024

AI writing tools have been around for a long time. Like Jasper was doing wonders in 2021 and a lot of tools before it. OpenAI’s ChatGPT took this competition to another level. There is a huge competition already among AI tools who are battling to produce more NLP-friendly content.

While ChatGPT started this new AI race, it isn’t a perfect tool for content writing. ChatGPT is a huge language model with the aim to assist users or communicate. When we try it for writing content, it provides robotic or lifeless content which we can’t use instantly.

Search Engines has their guidelines on helpful content. Just like Google launching September 2023 helpful content updates with the aim to make search engines best for all.

Helpful content is something users want and interact with it. ChatGPT on other hand tends to provide very general and generic content which often lacks depth, personalization and quality.

Today, I am reviewing an excellent website which is using AI to provide quality content. Let’s start.

Overview of Paragraph-Generator.com

Paragraph-generator.com is an AI-based online website that provides NLP-friendly content. The website was launched in 2023, and since then they are constantly improving. They’ve described this in their about us page that they are a team of web engineers and writers who understand content.

Unlike many writing tools and assistants – paragraph-generator.com doesn’t ask users to sign up or make an account. This seems to be their promotion strategy, as a lot of their competitors are offering paid plans for using their services.

Tools by Paragraph-Generator.com

The website has its main tool on the home screen that helps users generate paragraphs instantly just by entering a word or topic.

Besides helping you generate quality paragraphs, this site also offers different tools such as:

●       Paragraph Summarizer

●       Paragraph Rewriter

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●       Paragraph Expander

Let’s review all these tools to find how useful they are.

1.   Paragraph Generator

URL: https://paragraph-generator.com/

This is the main tool this website offers. Paragraph generator helps users to write an instant paragraph which is closer to human writing. The tool is trained on advanced AI algorithms and machine learning that makes it quicker, faster and better.

You just need to provide you with a topic or whatever you want for this tool to generate paragraphs. When you click the “Generate Paragraph” button. It provides you a quick and quality paragraph instantly.


●       Simple user-friendly interface.

●       No signup required for using

●       Content is closer to human writing

●       4 major styles for generating a paragraph


Provides only two paragraphs at a time.


It is free.


Paragraph generator is an amazing tool but that here are some top alternatives which you can use:

●       ChatGPT: Extremely quick and bigger platform which anyone can use for writing paragraphs.

●       ParagraphGenerator.org: An AI-based online tool helping users generate quality paragraphs instantly for free.

●       Paragraph Writer: Another excellent tool helping users generate human written paragraphs using ML & AI.

2.  Paragraph Summarizer

URL: https://paragraph-generator.com/paragraph-summarizer

This tool makes long paragraphs shorter and easier to understand. It uses smart computer technology to figure out what the text is saying and then creates a summary with the main ideas.

The tool is easy to use, and I like that it keeps things simple without adding fancy details. When I tested it with another paragraph, the summary it gave me was really good—it almost looked like a person wrote it, as you can see in the picture above.


●       Easy-to-use interface.

●       Utilizes NLP and machine learning.

●       Efficiently condenses input text.


●       Limited to summarizing 500 words at a time.

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●       Unable to customize the tone of the summary


It is free to use.


●       Text Summarizer: A rapid and expansive online tool that enables users to condense lengthy texts into concise summaries effortlessly.

●       AI Summarizing tool: A smart online tool that quickly makes short and clear summaries from complicated writing using artificial intelligence.

●       Summarizer: A user-friendly tool employing machine learning and AI to produce well-crafted and brief summaries with ease.

3.  Paragraph Rewriter

URL: https://paragraph-generator.com/paragraph-rewriter

Composing content and rewriting it are two different things. Rewriting content refers to the process of creating similar content that is unique and free of plagiarism.

So I tried a website that does more than just generate and summarize paragraphs. It also has the ability to rewrite and rephrase content. The user interface is very similar to their summary tool. I gave it a paragraph, and the result was different but good! As a content writer, I believe this tool does a great job of rewriting.


●       Simple and user-friendly interface

●       Rapidly produces content variations

●       Offers three modes: standard, fluency, and formal


●       Operates at a slower pace compared to its other tools

●       Limited to supporting only 200 words


It is free.


●       WordChanger.net: A website that helps you easily switch and change words in your writing to make it more creative and unique.

●       Sentencerewriter.net: : An online tool that uses smart technology to create different and well-organized sentences, making it easy for you to write.

●       Paragraph-rewriter.net: A helpful website that smartly rearranges and rephrases paragraphs, making your writing better and more polished.

4.  Paragraph Expander

URL: https://paragraph-generator.com/paragraph-expander

I experimented with the paragraph expander tool, and its effectiveness pleasantly surprised me. This tool effortlessly enhances the length and detail of your writing. I was writing a paragraph on book reading and wanted to write more on it, but I had no words for completing that section, so I used this tool, and it did it within seconds!

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●       Rapid writing expansion

●       User-friendly for writers of all skill levels

●       Options for rewriting or summarizing expanded content


●       Limited to 500 words

●       Risk of information overload


Free to use.


●       Paragraph Extender: A tool online that helps make your paragraphs longer by adding more information, making your writing more detailed.

●       Sentence Expander: A friendly tool that makes your sentences longer, adding extra details or explanations to make your writing clearer and more expressive.

●       Text Expander: An easy online way to make your writing longer by adding more information, making it richer and more complete.

Limitations of tools offered by Paragraph-Generator.com

While paragraph-generator.com is an excellent website for performing several tasks, it has a few limitations such as:

  1. It doesn’t provide multiple paragraphs.
  2. It doesn’t tell if the AI content has AI similarity or duplication.
  3. It doesn’t have a Plagiarism Checker tool.
  4. It doesn’t support more than 500 words when it comes to summarizing.
  5. You can’t rewrite more than 200 words at a time.
  6. You can’t expand paragraphs/content for up to 500 words.
  7. It doesn’t highlight grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Ending Remarks

Content creation and optimization is becoming more valuable and important as the time goes by. Paragraph-generator.com is an excellent website and the best part is that it is totally free. It has some limitations but those are just additional features which can make this website even more useful. I hope you liked my post. Try it out to learn 

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