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6 Reasons You Cannot Access Social Media on Your Computer

by | May 23, 2023

Those who are on their digital devices and spend time online often turn to social media as a way to talk to friends and family or read various news.

Then there are also those who rely on platforms like Facebook and Instagram for their job because they work on promoting various brands, to name one example.

Having said all that, you might run into problems that prevent you from accessing social media on your computer. If that happens, you should be familiar with what the reasons are and how you can overcome these problems.

1. Malware

Let’s start with malware. It is a known issue that causes various problems, and it should not come as a surprise that some computer viruses can lead to struggles with opening social media.

Perhaps you have accidentally clicked on a shady URL and got redirected to a landing that infected your computer? Or maybe someone sent you a file, and you installed it while there was no antivirus software on the device?

Regardless, it is a bother to deal with malware, which is why it is recommended to fortify your computer with an anti-malware tool that constantly monitors and protects you.

If you are uncertain whether it is malware, confirm your suspicions with a scan. As soon as the scan detects a corrupted file, be sure to eliminate it. 

In more extreme cases, the malware might have caused so much damage that you have to reinstall the operating system to give the device a clean slate. 

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2. Overall Sluggishness

If the computer is overall sluggish, it will translate into problems with an internet browser. 

Reboot the device. However, if, for instance, your MacBook won’t restart, you can treat it as an indication that there is a much bigger problem, not just a struggle to open a specific website on an internet browser.

Having said that, after you reboot the computer, you should notice its improvement in performance. A short break can be all it takes to stop malfunctioning, so be sure to give your computer a reboot now and then.

3. Outdated Browser

For the most part, an internet browser should update itself automatically. On the off chance that does not happen, though, you are going to be stuck with an older version.

The update might fail because there was a small hiccup in the browser’s performance or the internet connection stopped working when the app was updating itself.

Download and install an update manually and restart the browser. Then try to open a social media page you want. If it works, you have found the solution. And if not, you will have to continue looking.

4. Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet speed is one of the most common reasons behind problems related to browsers. 

Test whether the browser opens other websites. If not, then you need to get to the bottom of the issue, thinking that it is the internet connection.

It is possible that you are using a Wi-Fi network rather than an ethernet cable. If so, try moving the laptop closer to the router. The signal might not be strong enough to cover the area in your house.

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You should also not discard the possibility of third-party peripherals interfering with the signal. Wireless printers, for instance, can get in the way and hog a significant portion of the signal.

And the same can be said about other devices. If there are other people in the house surfing the net, the bandwidth will be hogged, leaving you with connection issues.

5. Browser-Related Issues

Browser-related issues can be difficult to track. We already covered missing updates, but if your default internet browser is struggling to do its work, you might have to make a switch.

There are plenty of great internet browsers you can use for free, including Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, and Google Chrome.

Try either of these. Who knows, switching to a different browser might just be enough to solve the problem once and for all.

6. Content Restriction From the ISP

Do not be surprised by your internet service provider restricting access to certain websites due to changes in national legislation or the ISP policies themselves.

If the restriction comes from the ISP’s side, you have two options. The first is to obviously change to another internet service provider. And the second is to use a VPN and change your IP address and location, circumventing the restriction and accessing the blocked content.


In conclusion, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, and it is frustrating to encounter problems accessing it on our computers. This article has highlighted some of the common reasons why you may be unable to access social media and provided solutions to help you overcome those problems. Whether it’s malware, an outdated browser, poor internet connection, or content restrictions from your internet service provider, there are steps you can take to get back online and stay connected with your loved ones or business associates. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can troubleshoot and resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

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