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Best Royalty-free Sound Effects Sites in 2024

by | Dec 20, 2023

As a passionate content creator, you know that every element of your project matters. From stunning visuals to captivating music and compelling dialogue, you’ve put your heart into it. But there’s one vital ingredient that can truly elevate your creation: sound effects. Sound effects are the unsung heroes that bring your favorite movies, video games, apps, and explainer videos to life. They add that extra layer of immersion and excitement, enhancing the audio experience in ways you may not even realize. Imagine a classic horror movie without the bone-chilling creak of a door or the ominous hum of a villain’s voice – it just wouldn’t be the same. That’s why finding the best royalty-free sound effects sites is crucial. With so many options available in 2023, it can be overwhelming to determine which sites offer the highest quality and most cost-effective downloads. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the research and handpicked some of the best royalty-free sound effects Sites just for you.

What are the Benefits of Using Sound Effects on Your Videos?

Using sound effects in your videos can provide several benefits:

  • Enhance the Immersion: Sound effects add depth and realism to your videos, making them more immersive for viewers. Whether it’s the sound of a roaring crowd, a crashing wave, or a screeching car, these effects help create a richer audio experience that draws your audience in.
  • Set the Mood: Sound effects can effectively set the mood and tone of your videos. By carefully selecting and using appropriate sound effects, you can evoke specific emotions in your viewers. For example, suspenseful music and eerie sounds can create a sense of tension in a horror scene, while cheerful melodies and laughter can enhance the comedic elements of a video.
  • Convey Information: Sound effects can be used to convey important information or cues in your videos. They can indicate the passage of time, signal transitions between scenes, or highlight specific actions or events. For example, a doorbell sound effect can indicate the arrival of a visitor, or a phone ringing can imply an incoming call.
  • Add Impact and Excitement: Sound effects have the power to amplify the impact and excitement of key moments in your videos. Explosions, crashes, punches, and other impactful sounds can make action sequences more thrilling, while whooshing or swooshing sounds can add a sense of motion and energy to visual effects or fast-paced scenes.
  • Improve Accessibility: Sound effects can also enhance the accessibility of your videos. Including descriptive sound effects, such as footsteps or door slams, can benefit viewers with visual impairments, as they provide additional audio cues to follow the action on screen. Additionally, captions or subtitles paired with sound effects can make your videos more accessible to viewers with hearing impairments.
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Best Royalty-free Sound Effects Sites in 2023

1. Pixabay


When you think of Pixabay, you probably think of stock photos, not sound effects. However, Pixabay has become a great source for creative content over the years, including not just photos, but also videos, music, and sound effects.

Pixabay’s royalty-free sound effects page offers thousands of free options that you can use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. You can easily search for specific sound effects using keywords and filter the available clips by duration and category. This makes it convenient to find the exact clips you need.

The best part is that you can download the clips without even creating an account, which is especially helpful if you’re in a hurry.

Simple and easy to use.It’s a bit challenging to determine the exact number of available clips compared to other sites.
No need to create an account; you can find and download your clips within seconds.The library size is not specified, but they promise to have “thousands” of effects.
Part of the Pixabay network, which means you can also find other free assets and resources for your projects.


Everything on the royalty-free sound effects page can be used for commercial purposes without attribution.

2. Freesound


Freesound is a website for royalty-free sound effects, although it may not be the most attractive site. However, it’s easy to navigate and emphasizes the community of users. They have a blog with updates for their users, who they affectionately call “Freesounders.”

You can easily search for any sound using the search bar. The site provides a lot of information at a glance, such as reviews, properties, download counts, and the sound’s license. The community aspect is evident, allowing users to follow each other and listen to similar sounds with just one click.

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All sounds are completely free.You need to create an account to download sounds.
Setting up an account is quick and easy.Not all sounds can be used for commercial purposes.
The sound effects are of high quality.There are limited search filters available.

Library size:

The site has almost 400,000 sound effects, and new ones are added daily.


Sound effects are categorized under three different licenses: Zero (free for commercial and non-commercial use), Attribution (free for commercial use, but attribution is required), and Attribution Non-Commercial (free for non-commercial use, but attribution is required). For more detailed information, you can visit the Freesound FAQs page.

3. SoundBible


SoundBible is a straightforward website on our list that offers a wide range of sound clips. However, it lacks filtering options to easily browse through them. You can use the search bar on the homepage to find sound effects based on keywords, but you can’t refine the results any further.

Despite the limited filtering, the sound effects provided are of high quality and available in both WAV and MP3 formats. The best part is that you don’t need to create an account to access them!

The website also conveniently displays the licensing agreement for each sound effect, saving you time by avoiding effects that you can’t use for your project.

There are options for WAV or MP3 for each sound effectNo filtering options available, making it harder to narrow down your search.
It’s easy to see the license for each sound effectMost sound effects require attribution for creative use.
There is a separate tab for royalty-free sounds to avoid confusionThe user interface is not very user-friendly.
Library SizeLicensing
The site boasts thousands, but the exact number is not listed.A mixture of public domain, non-commercial, and attribution.

4. BBC Sound Effects

BBC Sound Effects

BBC Sound Effects is a surprising addition to the list of best royalty-free sound effects sites. On their website, they offer a vast library of sound effects in WAV format, which you can use for personal, educational, or research purposes without any cost.

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While the site may not be visually appealing, it is highly functional. However, we encountered an issue with the search bar, as it wasn’t very intuitive. For instance, if you wanted to find a sound effect of a car beeping, typing in “beeping” or “car beeping” wouldn’t yield the desired results. Instead, you had to search for “car horn” to find it.

If you intend to use a sound effect in a commercial setting, you can easily click on a link that redirects you to another site called ProSoundEffects. There, you can purchase the license to use the sound effect commercially. Also read Best Video Editing Software for Beginner Vloggers.

Large library of sound effects.Not free for commercial use.
High-quality sound effects.The search function is challenging to use.
No need to sign up for an account.Many sound effects are lengthy and may require editing or cutting before use.

Library size:

The library contains 16,000 sound effects.


The sound effects are royalty-free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, a paid licensing option is available.

Please note that the table formatting may differ depending on the platform or text editor you are using.

5. SoundsCrate


SoundsCrate is a website associated with ProductionCrate, a platform that covers various aspects of video project creation, including sound effects.

What makes SoundsCrate impressive is that their sound effects are claimed to be 100% original and created by professionals from the Hollywood industry. According to their website, these sound effects are unique and can be used freely without requiring attribution.

You can download entire collections of sound effects at once.Some content is limited to “Pro” users, causing confusion about what’s available for free.
The sounds are guaranteed to be unique and professionally recorded.The website only offers two file formats: MP3 and WAV.
The website has inspiring feature categories and has a modern and professional feel.Some sound effects labeled as free may be intended for “Pro” users, causing confusion.
Licensing is simple, as no attribution is required.The library size is limited, resulting in a small number of available options for specific sounds. (e.g., seven results for a door closing)

6. SoundStripe


SoundStripe is a website that primarily focuses on music and videos, but it also offers free downloadable sound effects. The site boasts a large collection of high-quality sound effects and provides several useful search and filter features. 

What makes this site stand out from its competitors is that a subscription to SoundStripe serves as a license. This means you don’t have to worry about attributions or checking if the downloaded sound effects are suitable for commercial use.

Trusted by industry professionals and popular brands.You need to create an account and pay for a subscription to access the content.
Offers a wide variety of high-quality sound effects.
The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
The subscription includes licenses for music and video downloads as well.
The library of free sound effects is regularly updated.


In conclusion, the year 2023 has brought forth several remarkable royalty-free sound effects sites that cater to the diverse needs of creators. These platforms offer a wide range of high-quality sound effects, user-friendly interfaces, and convenient licensing options. From the industry-trusted SoundStripe to the originality of SoundsCrate and the extensive library of BBC Sound Effects, each site brings its own strengths and advantages. While some sites may require subscriptions or have limitations on commercial use, they provide valuable resources for personal, educational, and research purposes. Ultimately, the best choice among these sound effects sites depends on individual preferences, project requirements, and budget considerations. With the availability of these top-notch platforms, creators can enhance their projects with captivating and professional sound effects in 2023 and beyond.

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