Selena Gomez Has Surpassed Kylie Jenner as The Most Followed Woman On Instagram Once Again

by | Feb 23, 2023

Selena Gomez has once again shocked the internet by becoming the most followed woman on Instagram, surpassing Kylie Jenner. The 30-year-old singer has about 380 million followers on her Instagram account. While Instagram followers fluctuate, Jenner appears to have the same number as Gomez. According to the source code for both Gomez and Jenner’s Instagram profiles, Gomez has 416 million followers, while The Kardashians star has 408 million followers.

The Independent outreach to Instagram

The Independent has reached out to Instagram for further information on both profiles. Several followers on Twitter congratulated the “Rare” singer for becoming the app’s most followed lady.

Some Of the fans reactiom

“And the world has returned to normalcy. “The queen has reclaimed her rightful throne!” one person tweeted.

“THE TRUE INSTAGRAM QUEEN IS BACK!!” Another wrote, “DESERVED,” and a third added, “DESERVED.”

Gomez take on social media

Gomez has spoken out about social media and how it can be harmful throughout the years. She talked out about breaking away from social media in an interview with Vanity Fair released earlier this month.

“They can call me ugly or stupid, and I’m like, Whatever. But these folks go into great depth. “They write such detailed and harsh paragraphs,” she explained. “I’d be crying all the time. I was frequently anxious… I couldn’t take it any longer. It was a complete waste of my time.”

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What Soucial media Selena has on her Phone?

She also stated that TikTok is the only social media app she has on her phone because she “finds it to be a little less harsh.”

“Connecting with followers, seeing how pleased and excited they are, and their tales are amazing things about social media,” she remarked. “But, that is frequently filtered through [for me today]. I devised a system. I email everything I do to my helper, who posts it. In terms of remarks, my staff will compile a few encouraging ones.”

In a previous interviw

In April 2022, the Wizards of Waverly Place star also stated that she had a four-year hiatus from the internet, including Instagram, and highlighted how useful she found it.

“It has completely transformed my life. “I am happier, more present, and I connect with people more,” she stated on Good Morning America at the time. “I understand how strong the internet is, and how it has done so many good things for the globe.”

Together with Gomez and Jenner, some of the most popular female Instagram users are Ariana Grande (357 million followers), Kim Kardashian (346 million followers), and Beyoncé (293 million followers).


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