Some Twitter Users Could Not Tweet Because They Had Reached Their Daily Limit

by | Feb 9, 2023

Users Could Not Tweet

From the United States to Asia, users could not tweet, follow new accounts, or check messages in one of the most visible outages since Mr. Elon Musk purchased the network and sacked half its workers. Many users could not tweet on Wednesday, receiving an automatic warning stating that they had “exceeded the daily limit for sending Tweets” – even if they had not yet tweeted for the day.

Twitter’s response to the problem

The company stated that it was aware of the issue and was working to resolve it. “Some of you may be experiencing problems with Twitter. Sorry for the inconvenience. “We’re aware and working to resolve this,” Twitter’s help account stated on Wednesday.

Mr. Musk later tweeted that he intended to tackle “many internal and external difficulties” but did not elaborate. “Should be fully back on track later tonight,” he wrote on Facebook. Since Mr. Musk’s takeover, there has been a mass departure of employees, many of whom have been fired, raising questions about Twitter’s ability to continue operations and police material.

Since billionaire Musk took over the social network last year and instantly fired half of the company’s workers, users have expressed fear about a widespread Twitter breakdown.

Many people who left Twitter were involved in fundamental infrastructure tasks that keep the service running. Some users and former employees expressed concern that such a dramatic drop in staff would result in a cascade of product interruptions.

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Technical issues also hampered other parts of the Twitter app. Some users could not tweet or view direct messages, while others could not follow more accounts. Tweetdeck, a function for power users who like to manage many timelines simultaneously, was also unavailable for specific users.

Increase in technical reports

Downdetector, a service that records technical failures for apps, reported a rise in user reports of difficulty on the site, reaching 9,500 just after 5.30 p.m. New York time before declining.

Final words

Based in San Francisco, Twitter did not react immediately to an email requesting comment on the difficulties. According to Twitter’s Help Centre, the daily limit for tweets is now set at 2,400, making it unlikely that most users reached their limit.

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