Telegram Expands Voice Transcription to Free Users

by | Dec 3, 2023

Telegram Expands Voice Transcription to Free Users

Telegram has released a big update with lots of new features. One of the main additions is voice transcription, which used to be only for paying users but is now available for everyone. 

However, free users can only transcribe two audio messages per week. Telegram also added the ability to repost stories and find similar channels. In addition, users can now resize and move video messages in stories, and channel admins have access to statistics and custom reactions.

Other Updates

1. Adding Similar Channels

Telegram is adding something called Similar Channels. It gives you a list of other channels that you might like when you join a new channel. These suggested channels are picked based on similarities in the people who subscribe to them. This can make it easier to find people who have similar interests to chat with.

2. Adding Enhanced Story Sharing and Performance Insights

You can now help your loved ones or favorite channels reach more people by sharing their stories on your own page. You can also add new things like text, audio, or video messages to those shared stories. The update also includes a view where you can see how many people viewed, shared, and reacted to the stories of channels that can post stories.

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3. Choosing a Background Picture for Your Chats that Both You and the Person You’re Chatting with Will See

Telegram has also made some small changes to the way things look. If you have Telegram Premium, you can now choose a background picture for your chats that both you and the person you’re chatting with will see. Premium users can also make their profile page stand out by choosing a special color or logo design.

4. When Messages Are Set to Disappear After a Certain Time, They Will Vanish in a Fun Way

iOS users now have a cool new animation on Telegram. When messages are set to disappear after a certain time, they will vanish in a fun way, like a bunch of pixels exploding. It’s a feature that even Thanos would find amusing.


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