Telegram Launches Stories Feature for All Users

by | Aug 17, 2023

Telegram Stories

Telegram has launched a new feature called Stories for all of its users. They introduced this feature to celebrate their 10th birthday. The Stories feature comes with dual camera mode, privacy settings, customizable duration options, and other features to make the user experience better: 

  • Dual camera mode lets users take photos or videos with both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. They can choose which camera feed goes where, similar to the BeReal app.
  • Privacy settings allow users to choose who can see their stories, including options like Everyone, My Contacts, Close Friends, and Selected Contacts. Users can customize these settings and even prevent certain people from seeing their stories. They can also disable screenshots to prevent unauthorized sharing.
  • When creating stories, users can decide how long they last, ranging from 6 to 48 hours. They also have the option to post stories to their profile, where they will be displayed in a grid format. Both old and new contacts can view these stories, similar to Instagram’s story highlights.
  • Premium users have an additional option called Stealth Mode, which erases their views from any Stories they opened in the past 5 minutes and hides their activity for the next 25 minutes.
  • Telegram’s Stories feature also includes a powerful media editor. Users can add text, drawings, stickers, location tags, and captions to their Stories. This allows for a more personalized and contextual sharing experience for users.

Can You Edit Telegram Stories After They’ve Been Published?

What makes Telegram’s Stories different from other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat is that users can edit their Stories even after they’ve been published. This means they can change things like who can see it, the caption, text, stickers, and more without having to delete and repost it.

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