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The 12 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts for Crypto News

by | Oct 25, 2022

Twitter is the social media platform that is associated with the cryptocurrency space more closely than any other. Many cryptocurrency traders are under the impression that Twitter is where cryptocurrency news was first published. This article will discuss the primary sources of cryptocurrency news and the best cryptocurrency Twitter accounts to follow to stay up to date on the latest cryptocurrency news on Twitter.

Where Can I Find Crypto News?

While there are hundreds of individual sources for crypto news, they are divided into three categories. These are the three types of cryptocurrency news sources.

1. Sites for Crypto News

Several well-known cryptocurrency news websites have content written by cryptocurrency traders and experts. News websites are excellent resources for learning about the crypto and DeFi markets and how to interpret numbers. Traders can learn about crypto market predictions and how to use the information to make better investments. News websites are excellent sources of reliable information for tracking potential legislation, economic trends, market shifts, and other topics.

2. Servers on Discord

Discord servers are places where crypto traders and enthusiasts can talk about the latest news, ideas, and crypto projects. Many people who want to learn about new crypto projects or potentially invest in them try to join their Discord servers. To help build hype, many crypto project creators close their Discord servers before launching a project. There are also public Discord servers for cryptocurrency news and discussions.

3. Twitter Profiles

People can find the most recent news about crypto markets, crypto projects, and other updates on Twitter. Because Twitter limits the word count per post, the news is delivered in bite-sized chunks. Twitter’s structure and the large presence of crypto project developers, enthusiasts, and news sources on its social media platform make it an easy place to find valuable information.

Follow the Best Crypto Twitter Accounts

These are the best crypto Twitter accounts, along with their follower counts as of July 2022, Twitter handles, and a brief description of what makes each one valuable.

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1. Andreas

Andreas Twitter Account

Andreas’ insights and expertise on Ethereum and Bitcoin have added significant value to cryptocurrency ecosystems; Also, he has authored books on both. Andreas, one of the most prominent Bitcoin ambassadors, has one of the best crypto Twitter accounts for Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts. His weekly or bi-weekly updates are beneficial to both new and experienced investors.

2. CryptoDigiPedia


Are you searching for a reliable source of cryptocurrency news and analysis? Consider following CryptoDigipedia on Twitter! Although they are a new player in the game, they are quickly making a name for themselves by providing insightful commentary on the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency market. From price movements to regulatory changes, CryptoDigipedia covers all the important topics. They also offer technical analysis and trading strategies that are trusted by many cryptocurrency traders and investors. Stay up to date on the latest news and developments in th

3. Bybit

Bybit Twitter Account

Bybit is known as the most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange, frequently posting multiple times per day. The Bybit Twitter account is a great place for crypto enthusiasts and investors to find news, exclusive social media giveaways, crypto insights, and much more. Furthermore, followers who are new investors can easily access everything they need to know to begin trading on the Bybit platform right away.

4. PlanB

PlanB Twitter Account

PlanB is a pseudonymous Twitter account that has gained a large following in the cryptocurrency community by providing unique insights and analysis on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. PlanB’s tweets often cover topics such as market trends, price movements, and regulatory developments affecting the crypto industry. PlanB has been known to use mathematical models and data analysis to form predictions about the future of the crypto market, which has garnered attention and interest from followers. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts rely on PlanB’s Twitter account to stay informed about the latest news and developments in the crypto world, making it one of the most respected and influential sources of crypto news and analysis on Twitter.

5. Erik Voorhees

Erik Voorhees Twitter Account

Erik is one of the world’s most well-known “cryptopreneur.” He was involved in several developments long before most people had heard of Bitcoin. Today, he is the CEO of ShapeShift, an open-source crypto platform, and he provides his Twitter followers with daily or bi-weekly posts with project launch updates, economic news, and much more.

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6. Michaël van de Poppe

Michaël van de Poppe Twitter Account

Michaël van de Poppe is considered to be one of the best Crypto Twitter accounts for Crypto News and analysis. He is a well-respected trader and analyst in the cryptocurrency community, with a large following on Twitter. Michaël van de Poppe’s tweets provide valuable insights and commentary on the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency market, including price movements, market sentiment, and regulatory changes. He also shares his technical analysis and trading strategies, which are highly regarded by many cryptocurrency traders and investors. Michaël van de Poppe’s Twitter account is a great resource for anyone interested in staying informed about the latest news and developments in the world of cryptocurrency.

7. Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech Twitter Account

Ivan Liljeqvist’s YouTube videos are well-known among those who prefer crypto content that is deeply informative, educational, and simple to understand. The good news is that his Twitter account consistently posts the same type of content. His is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow if you want to learn about the technological aspects of everything in the crypto world. He discusses Web 3.0, blockchain, and developing digital currency projects, among other topics.

8. Messari

Messari Twitter Account

This underappreciated account isn’t tied to a single person. Messari publishes unbiased, in-depth cryptocurrency news and information, which aligns with its mission of keeping cryptocurrency transparent. Messari’s website can also be used by followers who want to learn more about a topic or people in the crypto world. Messari publishes an annual that includes extensive research on crypto trends and multiple tweets posted daily.

9. The Crypto-Dog

The Crypto-Dog Twitter Account

The Crypto Dog was an early adopter of Bitcoin and one of the first to mine the currency in 2011. He joined the Twitter community in 2017 and now shares investment news and other information. while some of his posts are original, he retweets a lot of useful information on a daily basis. This is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for cryptopreneurs looking for mining and DeFi investing insights.

10. Mike Dudas

Mike Dudas Twitter Account

The Block was founded by Mike Dudas. He is the vice president of Paxos and a successful cryptocurrency investor. Many people follow him because of his knowledge and the diverse content he posts, which includes Web 3.0 and the metaverse in relation to cryptocurrency investing. Furthermore, he posts a lot of information about crypto markets, NFTs, and DeFi, and retweets it several times per day.

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11. Girl Gone Crypto

Girl Gone Crypto Twitter Account

Everyone needs a little levity to balance out the seriousness of life, and Girl Gone Crypto has plenty of entertainment and fun ways to present news for crypto enthusiasts who enjoy a good laugh. Although she does not provide financial advice, she does provide an insightful and entertaining perspective on the news, developments, and information that crypto investors and enthusiasts should be aware of. She also provides some educational commentary on the most recent crypto news. Every day, she retweets or posts.

12. Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor Twitter Account

Michael Saylor is the CEO of MicroStrategy, a company that was among the first to invest treasury assets in Bitcoin. Michael is a strong supporter of Bitcoin who provides valuable information about Bitcoin in relation to digital investment strategies, standard currencies, digital gold, and other topics. He’s such a fervent supporter that people in the crypto world jokingly refer to him as the CEO of Bitcoin. Michael posts every day and sometimes more than once. Follow his crypto Twitter account for the latest Bitcoin news and insights.

Do You Need to Follow Crypto Twitter Accounts?

Absolutely. Following some of the best crypto Twitter accounts can benefit both new and experienced investors. However, it is critical to follow a variety of trustworthy accounts for various purposes. For example, traders interested in learning about cryptopreneurship should follow several reputable cryptopreneurs. Those interested in staying up to date on altcoin markets should follow experts in the field, and those interested in Bitcoin should follow several BTC advocates for a variety of perspectives.

Following other trustworthy accounts for news, commentary, and insights can help provide context and perspective, allowing investors to make better decisions. Following a diverse set of accounts can also help investors learn about new developments that may be of interest. Investors can also follow any Twitter accounts that are interested in specific crypto projects or developers.


Identifying and following the best cryptocurrency Twitter accounts are a good way to stay up to date on the crypto markets. However, cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts should not rely on tweets to make important investment decisions. Instead, they should conduct thorough research and read full articles when necessary. Crypto Twitter is an excellent resource with an active niche community that can keep you up to date on crypto projects, news, DeFi, and other topics.

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