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The Best Times to Post on Instagram

by | Jan 3, 2023

Instagram’s algorithm has changed in recent years, making it far more difficult to share visible Instagram posts. It prioritizes posts shared by users’ friends and family, with fewer chances of company posts being pushed to people’s feeds. It gives even less weight to business posts that include links that are likely to redirect users away from the Instagram app. Businesses must play the game effectively on Instagram in order to prosper. That involves determining the optimal time to post on Instagram, aiming for a time when people glance at their Instagram accounts but not the time when most people upload their Instagram content. Are there any obvious tendencies, such as a “best” time on a “best day” day?

The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2023

Best Times to Post on Instagram

You’re probably expecting we can offer you a specific time to post on Instagram. Unfortunately, life isn’t so straightforward; there are just too many variables. The majority of the research we looked at did recommend a “best” time for your Instagram post. Please keep in mind that these are time zone dependent, and not all posts use the same time zone in their recommendations. The majority of these polls reported their findings in CT (Central Time US). Although you will most likely post more than once each week, numerous studies show that the best times to post on Instagram are:

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Best day to post on Instagram: Tuesday and Wednesday

Best time to post to Instagram:

  • 4 AM – 10 AM on Tuesdays
  • 7 AM – 11 AM on Wednesdays
  • 2 PM on Fridays 

Given the differences in the research, it is recommended to think about a broader range of times rather than simply the best time to post on Instagram – you will need to post more than once a week anyhow if you want to succeed.

Engagement is Usually Your Number 1 Priority on Instagram

Despite the fact that each company is unique, most businesses want to increase engagement on their Instagram account. Likes and comments are examples of traditional Instagram engagement. People have lately began to include views, shares, and direct messages. Then you can combine the above types of engagement with Instagram spin-offs like Instagram Stories and IGTV. This implies that there is no clear definition of engagement anymore, but it does cover all interactions between your social followers/customers and your Instagram company. According to HubSpot statistics, the typical Instagram post receives 14,869 likes. If you look at your personal Instagram account data, you may be deeply disappointed. That number, however, is the mean, strongly impacted by viral posts shared by influencers. According to HubSpot, the median amount of likes on an Instagram post is significantly closer to 100, implying that half of all Instagram posts earn fewer than 100 likes.

There is a big difference between content and compelling content

One of the most essential takeaways from the data above is that creating content for the sake of creating content is pointless. Engaging content may perform very well and achieve high engagement rates. The effort required to create boring content is insignificant. However, you must factor in posting times. You could create interesting content. However, if you share it at the incorrect moment, no one will see it. People can’t like, share, or comment on something they don’t see. There will definitely have been a lot of great content shared on Instagram over the years that has disappeared without a trace, simply because no one got to see how good it was. With the current Instagram algorithm, this is even more important.

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Research into the Best Time to Post on Instagram

Several organizations have conducted studies over the last few years to determine the ideal time to post on Instagram. Naturally, they do not completely agree, but some apparent themes emerge.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Important Considerations When it comes to the Best Times to Post on Instagram

1. Day of the Week

Even at the same time of day on different days of the week, there might be considerable fluctuation in Instagram engagement. For example, you might be shocked to find 5 a.m. on the list above. This is because individuals frequently check their phones for messages as soon as they get up throughout the work week. This implies that people are more likely to check Instagram first thing in the morning from Monday through Friday than they are on weekends. However, Mondays might have lesser engagement since individuals are hurrying to start the week and have less time to check Instagram before work.

2. Breaks in the Workday

Some people will check their Instagram during their work breaks, particularly around lunchtime. Similarly, people’s enthusiasm in their job fades away in the late afternoon, and many resort to Instagram instead.

3. Take Advantage of Time Zones

The more geographically diverse your audience, the less important set posting hours become. However, if your primary audience is in a single time zone, use that time zone to determine your Instagram posting times, even if it is not your own. If you want to make an Instagram post during wake-up time, choose a time when the majority of your audience is just waking up and getting ready for the day.

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4. Follow Your Specific Audience

It is completely okay to follow to these “best practice” posting times. However, if your audience is not typical, these posting times will be irrelevant to your account. Instagram Insights are available if you have a Business Instagram account (which every business and influencer should have). Go to the Followers area of Instagram Insights to learn when your target audience is most active on the platform. It stands to reason that you organize your posting processes to reflect this. Some social media management platforms, such as Later, also give information regarding your Instagram audience’s availability.


As you can see, there isn’t a single best time to post on Instagram. However, you can get a rough idea of popular times from recent research, which you can then combine with your real data from Instagram Insights to get a decent reference of your audience’s Instagram habits.

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