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The Best Ways To Make Your Social Media Profiles Awesome

by | Sep 26, 2023

Who doesn’t want a cool social media profile? The very existence of these platforms is an open invitation to cool people. There are also lame people on these platforms I am well aware but that’s the beauty of social media platforms, they don’t discriminate.

Your social media profiles are a doorway to your personality. They reflect heavily on the type of person you are and if it’s okay to be in your virtual company. There is an art to how you present your profiles and that’s the topic of discussion today.

I am dedicated to helping you create awesome social media profiles that will make everyone take notice. Social media profiles can somewhat vary but they remain the same for the most part.

Prime Methods Of Making Your Social Media Profiles Awe-Inspiring

Awesomeness Through Invisible Text Generator

Invisible names or empty characters are a fun way to disrupt the typical proceedings of everyday social media. Sending messages to your friends on social media to make them guess who is sending them texts is a hilarious trick.

Invisibility itself has always been considered a cool trick. You can look at some of the top magic tricks in the world and they’re all about making something or someone disappear. Invisibility is deeply rooted as a magical and awesome act worthy of shocked expressions and genuine respect.

The true trick for people is finding out how to create invisible texts. You’ll find plenty of clickbait answers or some subpar tools on the internet that can create invisible text. The only invisible text generator that is worth considering is the one that gets right to work and generates quick results.

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There are a grand total of two options. You can either automatically copy an empty character or “select text” and then manually copy it from the text area. There is even an option to test the invisible just right below these two options.

Invisible Character

A magician never reveals their secrets but I’m no magician and I’m not bound by any Ministry of Magic laws so I’ll spill the beans. The invisible or empty characters is actually a blank Unicode character.

It’s as simple as that with zero downtime. How you intend to use this invisible text is up to you now but the possibilities are quite varied. Personally, I would use invisible text in combination with mirror text that we’re about to look into.

Awesome Profiles Through Mirror Text

A social media profile that has nothing but mirror text in it from its name to its post, everything is mirrored on purpose. That sounds like a pretty awesome profile to me and a great way to think outside the box.

We’re so used to reading language in a normal way that when exposed to the whimsies of mirror text, we get frazzled. A clever way to catch unassuming people’s attention. There are a plethora of ways you can utilize mirror text in your social profiles.

My favorite way is comedic expression through mirror text as seen below:

Mirror Text Generator

I won’t spell it out for you because where’s the fun in that but there’s a reward for the readers if they can read it backwards. Don’t come at me for speaking facts (I’m kidding).

Other than that though, there are cool games and puzzles to play on social media profiles using mirror texts. Mirrored names can cause an uproar on social media especially ones that turn out to be inappropriate when mirrored.

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On a non-technical level, you just flip the order of characters in a text horizontally to create the mirror effect. On a technical level, it’s the same thing but with algorithms in place to generate mirror text.

Mirror Text Generator

According to a research paper provided by Plataforma SINC, human beings in some instances can understand mirror texts instinctively like normal texts. The implication is that this behavior can be and should be studied on a neural level to understand problems like dyslexia.

The idea of mirror text on social media profiles becoming the reason for dyslexic people to finally read normally warms my heart. It’s a noble cause and should be looked into more.

Awesome Ending

I was late to the social media party but I have enjoyed my time on social media thus far. The various platforms I work on have been a mixed bag throughout the years with some taking the turn for the worse (I’m looking at you X).

In a time of influencers and paid blue-tick “celebrities”, it is getting harder and harder to stand out from the herd in an awesome way. My long-term advice for success on social media profiles would be to post great content that no one else is posting. You will get success eventually as people do value good content.

My short-term advice to you for instant success and attraction would be to use invisible and mirror text generators as we’ve shared above. These unassuming online tools pack quite the punch and hold the key to your profile being awesome and worthy of likes and follows. 

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