The White House Reportedly Is Refusing to Pay Twitter’s Blue verification Fees

by | Apr 3, 2023

As Elon Musk prepares to remove legacy verified Blue check marks on Saturday, the White House is apparently refusing to pay to keep its staff’s official Twitter identities verified.

The White House director justification

According to Axios, the White House director of digital strategy, Rob Flaherty, gave guidance to staffers via email.

“According to our knowledge, Twitter Blue does not offer person-level verification as a service. As a result, a blue check mark will now just serve as proof that the account is a paid user “the email was read.

The instruction does not necessarily apply to government agencies, but the story cites a source familiar with the White House preparations as saying that guidance may be sent to some agencies and departments in the future.

Certain White House officials, such as the President and Vice President, will almost certainly continue to be validated with a grey checkmark.

Rob Flaherty statement

Flaherty stated in his email that due to Twitter’s new standards, it will no longer be able to guarantee verification for federal agency accounts that do not match its new eligibility requirements. Likewise, Twitter announced on Friday that its ‘Verification for Organizations’ service is now available globally.

Verified Organizations, according to the business, is a new approach for organizations and their affiliates to differentiate themselves on the microblogging platform. Accounts that are linked with the organization will receive an affiliate badge with the business’s emblem on their profile and will also be published on the organization’s Twitter page, demonstrating their relationship.

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“All organizations are evaluated before they can join Verified Organizations,” according to the business.

‘Blue for Business’ was the previous name for the ‘Verification for Organizations’ service.


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