TikTok ‘Back Crack Challenge’: How to Do it and Is it Safe?

TikTok has introduced yet another wild challenge to its vast collection of viral videos on social media. However, the public and the community have expressed worry over the safety of this specific challenge because it involves lifting a person and “cracking their back.” Even while the action does not involve “cracking” a person’s back in the traditional sense, it does provide therapeutic relief by releasing air from tense joints. TikTok’s “Back Crack Challenge” has been catching up to the trends, as it takes people to their knees and invites the audience to attempt it and complete the challenge. As a result, the challenge has become increasingly popular.

The users and influencers who have participated in the act claim the “therapeutic” effects of the activity, as it pops off the joints in the back, bringing the “cracking” feeling similar to the ones in the knuckles. This is one of the reasons why the activity is so popular. This is the first time that members of the general public are participating in an activity that promotes joint cracking activities that are typically reserved for licensed therapists, chiropractors, and other professionals in a similar field. In addition, there are specific issues and concerns raised by its audience regarding its level of safety and the manner in which it encourages individuals to participate in the activity.

Back Crack Challenge

Is It Safe to Participate in the TikTok Back Crack Challenge?

Because it can stiffen the joints that are on a person’s body, cracking the back typically occurs after a physically demanding day at work or after sitting for an extended period of time on office chairs or in classroom chairs. In addition, doing even a basic stretch might result in the back “cracking” or the joints popping off, which would be accompanied by a distinct popping sound similar to that of crushed crackers or freshly opened bottles. According to Healthline, cracking your back is a good activity to partake in since it encourages stretching and “resetting the joints” that have been subjected to a variety of activities that have contributed to its current condition.

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As long as the process is carried out correctly and the appropriate amount of pressure is applied by the individual while doing so, popping off these joints has no negative impact on the human body or the health of the individual. On the other hand, this scenario only refers to the practice of cracking one’s own back; the TikTok challenge consists of having other people crack one’s back for them. Having other individuals participate in the activity is a whole separate issue, particularly if these other people are not certified experts such as physical therapists or chiropractors. Additionally, in comparison to the activity done by the individual themselves, other people are unable to feel the pressure being applied.

How to Participate in the TikTok Back Crack Challenge?

It is not necessary to twist one’s body or apply pressure with hands or tools in order to complete the TikTok Back Crack Challenge; rather, the objective is to make use of one’s own body weight in order to crack the joints in one’s back in order to improve the back’s flexibility. In addition, anyone can do it because it does not require any specialized tools or equipment and just needs two people to do it successfully.

  1. Make the individual whose back you want cracked kneel down and turn so that they face the opposite direction as the assistant.
  2. Put both hands behind the person’s head, creating a triangle shape to the side, and tighten it up so that other people can lift them up off the ground.
  3. Tell the person who is carrying the kneeling person to slip their arms through the arms of the kneeling person and carry it like a backpack.
  4. Lift the other person up so that it seems as though you are carrying them on your shoulders like a backpack, then bend forward into a bow stance.
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When a patient tells me that they have been cracking their own back, it is usually quite obvious for me to see that whatever it is that they are attempting to treat their back pain is not effective. In fact, it frequently makes matters worse by creating more mobility. If you feel the need to do the #backcrackchallenge, it’s usually because your body is aware that there’s a problem that needs to be addressed – and that’s something that’s best left to a professional to diagnose and correct. 

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