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TikTok Expands Partnership with the New York Yankees

TikTok has become a hugely popular platform for baseball content, with over 58 billion views for the hashtag #baseball. Baseball fans from all over the world come to TikTok to engage with their favorite teams and players and connect with other fans. The platform has become a way for both minor and major league baseball teams to showcase the passion, authenticity, and real stories of the game to new and die-hard fans alike.

In 2020, TikTok announced a partnership with the New York Yankees and the YES Network, which has become the most followed MLB team on TikTok with over 1.1 million followers and 2.7 billion views for the hashtag #Yankees. The partnership will be extended to bring even more exclusive Yankees content to the TikTok community and enhance the fan experience on and off-platform. TikTok and the Yankees will collaborate to bring interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, player moments, and more to TikTok throughout the season. In-stadium branding, home plate signage, inclusion on outfield video boards, and other activations will integrate TikTok into every Yankees game.

TikTok and the Yankees will host two TikTok Days at Yankee Stadium on August 20 and September 23, featuring exclusive merch and creator moments. The partnership aims to connect with a younger demographic and grow interest in the Yankees and baseball. Both parties are excited to continue working together to bring the excitement and joy of baseball to the platform and unite global sports fans.

Source: TikTok

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