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TikTok Is Helping Creators With an Updated Account Enforcement System

Account Enforcement System

TikTok is an entertainment platform powered by creators’ creativity, self-expression, and heart in creating authentic content. The Community Guidelines outline and clarify the behaviors and content that are not permitted on TikTok, and when people break These policies, The company takes action on their content and, if necessary, their account to ensure the safety of the beloved platform.

The majority of TikTok’s community members strive to abide by Their regulations, but there is a small minority of people who continually break TikTok’s policies and refuse to change their ways. So, TikTok is launching an enhanced account enforcement mechanism to better deal with persistent offenders. They believe that these improvements will allow them to delete abusive accounts more efficiently and swiftly while also providing a clearer and more uniform experience for the vast majority of artists who want to respect our policies.

Why is TikTok updating the current account enforcement system?

TikTok’s current account enforcement system employs various forms of restrictions, such as temporary bans from publishing or commenting, to prevent abuse of Their product features while also educating users about Their standards to reduce future violations. While this technique has been beneficial in lowering dangerous content overall, but authors have told the company that it can be difficult to navigate.

 The company also knows that it can have a disproportionate impact on creators who infrequently and unwittingly infringe policies while potentially being less effective at deterring those who do. Repeat violators tend to follow a pattern; according to their study, nearly 90% routinely violate the same feature, and more than 75% violate the same policy category.

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So, the company has chosen to change Their account enforcement mechanism to better address these issues as they work to empower the creator community and remove repeat violators from the platform.

How the simplified account enforcement mechanism will function

If anyone posts content that violates one of the Community Guidelines, the account will receive a strike until the content is removed. If an account accumulates enough strikes under a product feature (i.e., Comments, LIVE) or policy (i.e., Bullying and Harassment), it will be permanently banned.

Those policy thresholds may differ depending on the likelihood of a violation causing harm to the community members; for example, there may be a stronger threshold for breaching TikTok’s policy against propagating hostile ideas than for sharing low-harm spam. The social media giant will continue to impose permanent bans on the first strike for serious offenses such as encouraging or threatening violence, displaying or facilitating child sexual abuse material (CSAM), or depicting real-world violence or torture.

Accounts with a large number of cumulative strikes across policies and features will be permanently banned as an added safety. After 90 days, strikes will be removed from an account’s record.

Assisting creators in understanding their account status

These improvements are intended to increase openness in TikTok’s enforcement decisions and to assist the community in better understanding how to respect TikTok’s Community Guidelines. To help artists even more, they will be adding new capabilities to the Safety Center in the app in the coming weeks. There is an “Account status” page where creators can easily examine the status of their account, as well as a “Report records” page where creators can see the status of reports they’ve made on other material or accounts. These new tools supplement the notifications artists already receive if they breach any policy, and they help creators appeal enforcements and have strikes removed if they are valid. The giant social media company will also start contacting creators if their account is about to be permanently deleted.

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Making consistent and clear decisions on moderation

As a separate step toward increasing transparency about their content moderation practices, TikTok is beginning to test a new feature in some markets that will inform creators about which of their videos have been marked as ineligible for recommendation to “For You feeds,” explain why, and give them the opportunity to appeal.

TikTok’s new account enforcement system is presently being rolled out internationally, and the company will alert community members as soon as it is accessible. TikTok will continue to evolve and share progress regarding the techniques they employ to review accounts and ensure accurate, nuanced enforcement decisions for all types of accounts across the famous platform.


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