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TikTok Offers New Resources & Ad Credits For Small Businesses

TikTok is implementing a number of initiatives to support small businesses, some of which include advice from successful creators and ad credits worth $100. TikTok has released a statement in which it promotes the creation of a small business “accelerator,” which is a landing page that links to many useful resources for businesses. This is what the announcement says:

“Small businesses require our assistance now more than ever, which is why TikTok and American Express are launching a brand new programme to assist merchants in reaching new audiences and growing their businesses. The # ShopSmall Accelerator, powered by TikTok and American Express, will feature popular TikTok creators Anna Sitar, Brandon Blackwood, and Sofia Bella, as well as a custom Shop Small® soundtrack created specifically for TikTok content. This new initiative aims to assist small businesses in standing out during the busy holiday shopping season and making the most of Small Business Saturday® on November 26.”

Here is further information on what’s new from TikTok for small businesses, as well as the application process for receiving $100 in ad credits.

TikTok’s #ShopSmall Mini-Site

The new mini-site that TikTok has created just for small businesses has tips from popular creators, links to a variety of tools and services, and details on how small businesses can apply for $100 in ad credits.

Tips Straight from the Creators

TikTok collaborated with three creators who work full-time to create a short video that is both informative and entertaining for small businesses. This video discusses the benefits of using TikTok for small businesses, how to remain on top of audience interests, and the type of content that should be shared on a business account.

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$100 In TikTok Ad Credits

New US advertisers can receive a $100 promotional ad credit from TikTok when they make a minimum purchase of $50 in TikTok shopping ads. The deadline for applications to use the ad credit is the 24th of December, and its use must be completed before it runs out on the 31st of January, 2023. TikTok is giving away a total of $250,000 in ad credits to small companies, provided those companies meet the criteria to be eligible. To be eligible for TikTok’s $100 ad credit, businesses must:

  • Make an account with the TikTok Ads Manager.
  • Submit a form in order to sign up for the advertising credit.
  • Spend more than $50 in TikTok ads within 28 days of receiving the TikTok offer information e-mail, and you will be entered into a contest.
  • Join the growing list of new ads on TikTok based in the United States.

TikTok claims that the ad credit will display in TikTok Ads Manager anywhere from one to two days after the eligibility requirements have been met.

#ShopSmall Stickers

Lastly, TikTok is releasing a range of stickers to spread awareness about the importance of supporting locally owned and operated businesses. By selecting the stickers button and conducting a search for the phrase “shop small,” anyone is able to add these stickers to their content.

Source: TikTok


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