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TikTok Sans, TikTok’s Latest Custom Typeface, Is Now Available

TikTok Sans

TikTok strives to encourage creativity and joy, whether in-app or on the web. TikTok’s style and feel give the backdrop to these unique and engaging experiences, whether a new trend is discovered, a shared video amongst friends, or life hacks taught. And, as the company continues to be inspired by its worldwide community’s unlimited creativity and authenticity, they are excited to unveil TikTok Sans, their new unique typeface.

Motivated by the desire to express oneself creatively

TikTok Sans was created to reflect our broad community of creators, visionaries, and storytellers, and it compliments our platform’s personality – from our roots in entertainment to inclusivity and self-expression. This adaptable typeface was created in conjunction with Grilli Type, a prominent worldwide type foundry, with the goal of enhancing creative self-expression.

To ensure an optimal and uniform experience across their products and all brand channels, the TikTok Sans typeface is being adopted internationally across in-app and brand touchpoints.

Creating a typeface that is propelled by innovation

TikTok Sans exemplifies our commitment to meaningful innovation, as the media giant strives to improve the user experience by optimizing legibility and reading retention, as well as providing multi-language font support to their worldwide community.

Among the most notable enhancements are:

  • Fonts that have been simplified and distinguished: TikTok Sans letters have larger apertures and crisper strokes, making them much easier to discern from one another. The new fonts were created with the goal of improving the user experience in mind, and they also feature sleeker and simpler designs, allowing for improved recognizability and reliability across languages.
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  • Improved readability: TikTok Sans is visibly larger than the previous Proxima Nova design, and the total line height has been increased to improve readability. To increase letter spacing, a new formula has been introduced. These small adjustments dramatically improve user readability and provide rhythm to the platform experience.
  • Multi-language support: To begin, our new typeface supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, and Vietnamese, with plans to add more in the future.

With built-in capabilities, the company can ensure the safety and security of our community.

As part of their ongoing commitment to protecting the safety and security of the community, TikTok has implemented accessibility and anti-spoofing capabilities into TikTok Sans. The fonts give stylistic options for letters and numerals that can easily be jumbled up to safeguard our users from username spoofing. Numbers are available in equal-width variants, all of which have the same width for simpler alignment and less distraction in applications such as pricing tables or fast-changing LIVE reaction counts.

TikTok is committed to responsible innovation to improve the experience of over 1 billion people worldwide who use their platform to release their creativity, revel in new discoveries, engage in cultural dialogue, and feel a sense of belonging. The launch of TikTok Sans marks yet another milestone in our mission to create a special environment that evolves alongside their global community.

Source: TikTok


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