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Tiktok Sets A 60-Minute Daily Screen Limit For Users Under 18

On Wednesday, TikTok announced that it will implement a default 60-minute daily screen time limit for every user under 18 in the following weeks. This move comes at a time when governments have raised concerns about the app’s security and the possibility of the platform manipulating its algorithm to promote specific content.

TikTok’s policies are now similar to those implemented in China for minors playing video games

The changes made to TikTok’s policies are similar to those implemented in China for minors playing video games. The parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, used to be based in China but now claims to have no official headquarters, as it operates globally with leaders managing its business in various locations such as Singapore and New York. Recently, the Chinese government released new regulations that restrict minors from playing online games for more than one hour a day, only on weekends, Fridays, and public holidays, in an attempt to combat internet addiction.

Families challenge to restrict their children’s usage of TikTok

Families in the United States have found it difficult to restrict their children’s usage of the video-sharing app owned by a Chinese company. The Pew Research Center has reported that approximately two-thirds of American teenagers utilize TikTok.

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TikTok will limit screen time for users under-18 to 60 minutes

Cormac Keenan, who is in charge of ensuring safety at TikTok, announced in a blog post on Wednesday that once minors reach the 60-minute time limit, they will receive a prompt to enter a passcode and actively choose to continue watching. If the user is under 13 years old, their parent or guardian must establish or enter a passcode to allow them an extra 30 minutes of viewing time after the initial hour has elapsed.

TikTok claimed that it determined the 60-minute limit after seeking advice from academic research and specialists associated with the Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

Parenting Teens in the Age of Social Media

Social media’s impact on minors and the potential dangers they face have been a source of concern for a long time. A recent report indicated that TikTok’s algorithms are directing videos related to self-injury and eating disorders to at-risk teenagers. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, owns Instagram, and it, too, has been accused of similar allegations.

Social media algorithms recognize the subjects and materials that attract users’ attention, which is subsequently provided to them more frequently to increase their engagement with the platform. However, detractors of social media argue that the algorithms that promote content on topics such as sports, hobbies, or dance crazes can lead users into a harmful spiral of material.

What happens if teenagers exceed the 60-minute daily screen time limit?

TikTok announced on Wednesday that if teenagers go beyond the 60-minute daily screen time limit, the app will encourage them to set their own limit. Moreover, TikTok will send weekly notifications to teenage accounts, summarizing their screen time. For young users between 13 and 15, TikTok’s current safety features include automatically setting their accounts to private. Additionally, only accounts of users aged 16 or older will be allowed to use the direct messaging feature.

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