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TikTok’s New Tool Provides Businesses with Beneficial Audience Insights

TikTok Audience Insights

TikTok is releasing a new tool to assist businesses in better understanding their customers. TikTok’s new business tool uncovers audience insights that can be used to plan paid and organic content strategies. The TikTok Ads Manager contains an audience insights tool aimed at advertisers. However, you are not required to pay for advertising in order to use it.

Because the insights are based on data from all TikTok users, they can help guide organic and paid content plans. You can look into user interests, behaviors, and demographics to discover new ways to reach out to your customers. One of its more intriguing features is the ability to search the top ten hashtags used by your target audience. Start adding those hashtags to your videos to quickly and easily increase engagement.

You can also define your own audience and filter information using a powerful set of filters. Here’s more information about the TikTok Audience Insights data.

TikTok Audience Research Ads Manager on TikTok

TikTok Audience Insights, available through TikTok Ads Manager, provides aggregated information about users who have been active in the last 30 days. To access the tool, go to Ads Manager, select “Reporting” from the top navigation menu, and then click “Audience Insights.”

Define Your Target Market

Begin by configuring your audience using the panel on the left. You can narrow down your target audience by adjusting the following filters:

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• Locations \s

• Languages

• Demographics

• Interests & Behaviors – includes the following optional sub-filters:

  • Ad Interest Categories: Refine your audience by people who have interacted with specific types of advertisements.
  • Video Interactions: Refine your audience by including people who have watched and interacted with videos.
  • Creator Interactions: Refine your audience based on the types of creators with whom they’ve interacted.
  • Hashtag Interactions: Target people who have watched videos with a specific hashtag.

• Devices Overview Audience

The audience overview tab will be the first tab you see after defining your audience. You can see the following audience composition in the audience overview tab:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Country
  • State
  • Device OS
  • Price (USD): The device’s price is only available in US dollars.
  • Top ten interests
  • Top ten interests

Interests of the Audience

The audience interests tab, located next to the overview tab, allows you to discover what types of content and advertisements your audience is interested in.

The following sections are included in the interests tab:

  • Top Hashtags: View the top ten hashtags that are popular with your target audience.
  • Ad Interest Categories: View the types of ads with which your audience has interacted.

Download Audience Information

Using the “Export All” function, you can easily recall the audience insights you discover. This will save the data to Excel for you to access at any time.

Source: TikTok


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