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Top 12 Instagram Accounts for Learning English

by | Jan 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend per day on your phone? According to recent studies, the average person spends 2 hours and 22 minutes every day on social media. Instagram, which has over 1 billion monthly active users, accounts for a sizable portion of that. Doesn’t that seem like a lot? The good news is that you don’t have to waste your time looking at images of influencers and videos of pet llamas. Instagram, for example, can be useful if you follow the proper accounts. Here are some Instagram accounts that can help you study English by expanding your vocabulary, practicing grammar, and perfecting your pronunciation. In this post we will introduce the Top 12 Instagram accounts for learning English so you can learn a new language from the comfort of your home.

BBC English Learning




The BBC Learning English is an Instagram accounts for learning English and has almost 1.4 million followers. They frequently provide brief quizzes, grammar cards, and explanations of commonly used and less commonly used terms. They also provide idiom examples to assist you in broadening your linguistic repertoire. Even better, they provide films in which you may improve your pronunciation and acquire new vocabulary based on a certain theme.

Follow them on Instagram at @bbclearningenglish.

Cambridge Assessment English

Cambridge English maintains a constant Instagram feed that is both visually appealing and mentally interesting. Their blogs will keep you motivated as you learn English, with everything from motivational quotations to amusing riddles and explanations of often-used idioms. What has two hands and a face but no body or legs? * Do you understand what it means to have a “change of heart”? ** What happens when “the ball is in your court”? *** Brain teasers like this can be found on Cambridge English.

Follow them at @cambridgeenglish.

In English with Love

Sama is an English instructor with a good eye for developing attractive Instagram photographs and extensive expertise in English education. She highlights phrasal verbs with inspirational quotes and explains their significance. Sama presents alternatives to commonly used expressions in her “What’s another way to say…” series. She also teaches you when and when not to use terms like ‘any,’ ‘for,’ ‘off,’ or ‘do.’

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Her Instagram handle is @inenglishwithlove.

To Fluency

To Fluency is managed by Jack, an English teacher with a unique and entertaining method of presenting even the most difficult problems of English grammar. It’s easy to become addicted to his video tutorials, which you can view in full on Jack’s YouTube page.

When you start seeing Jack and his blackboard in your feed, you’ll be looking forward to the next grammatical lesson. Excuse the selfies: Jack takes a very personal approach to Instagram, which is part of what makes him so entertaining and approachable.

Follow him at @tofluency.

English Without Tears

Gabriela Torens is the founder of English Without Tears. She concentrates on assisting you in avoiding frequent blunders and learning the proper way to say things. She teaches phrasal verbs, indefinite pronouns, indirect speech, and many other grammar “problem areas” in detailed blogs. Her feed resembles a colorful exercise book cut together from tables, posters, and dictionaries. She even throws in a meme now and again!

Her Instagram handle is @englisharound.

English Vocabulary

Green Forest School of English’s Instagram profile English Vocabulary is very straightforward and elegantly created. They’ve chosen a pastel style for their vocabulary cards, which makes learning new English words a surprisingly refreshing experience. Do you know what it means to be skint,’ ‘chuffed,’ or ‘leery’? You’ll discover the meaning and application of numerous words like these with English Vocabulary.

Follow them at @english vocabulary.

Idiom Land

Idiom Land turns any idiom into something charming, humorous, or downright ridiculous. They select images, memes, and movie clips that explain the meaning and application of each idiom in an entertaining manner. Their connections are sometimes simply too strong. Who would think to use The Big Lebowski to explain ‘lost your train of thought’? Or how about using a video clip from Die Hard to demonstrate the term “fly in the ointment”? Follow Idiom Land, and you’ll have a good time.

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You may find them at @idiom.land.

English with Nab

English with Nab is a fun, interactive account founded by coach and English instructor Nab that teaches 21st-century English. It emphasizes grammar and helpful expressions that will help you in everyday circumstances.

You’ll notice that this account stands out from the pack. He teaches from the heart, not the text, as Nab would say. Pay attention to his posts to learn new abilities, and expand your vocabulary, and don’t be scared to show it out in public!

Follow him at @englishwithnab.

Pronunciation with Emma

Pronunciation with Emma will be your new favorite Instagram accounts for learning English and studying English pronunciation if the pronunciation is your kryptonite. Emma is a charming young teacher who films herself speaking English in her calm British accent. Her YouTube channel, which supplements her Instagram, offers advice on how to master English vowels, how to pronounce things that sound similar but are frequently said incorrectly, and much more. She also delves into frequently asked questions that go beyond pronunciation, such as how to utilize specific adjectives and prepositions.

Open English

Open English is an online English school for those who speak Spanish. According to its Instagram profile, it has a million online pupils.

Unlike other Instagram accounts for learning English that are only devoted to English study, Open English’s Instagram account is predominantly in Spanish. This makes it simple for early learners with little or no familiarity with the English language.

The entries on Open English are mostly focused on simple word translations from Spanish to English, as well as recommendations on extending one’s vocabulary in English. They also provide interesting movies to help people learn English words in their everyday lives.

Follow them at @openenglish.

slang Cards

If you want to utilize English as your primary language for day-to-day communications, you need to acquire basic and informal vocabulary. Discovering resources to learn casual English terms is generally more difficult than formal, basic ones.

This Instagram account can help you understand the right meaning and usage of vernacular phrases like: “flab,” “high roller,” and “dead duck.” It also includes a video clip of how these terms were utilized in TV series or movies.

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Slang Cards include information on applications, dictionaries, quizzes on its story highlights, and typical pieces.

You can find them at @slangcards.

English With Adriana

Adriana is the creator of the Instagram account English with Adriana. Her account is a social media adaption of her website, which focuses on teaching people how to speak Spanish.

The Instagram account English with Adriana keeps things simple. The posts alternate between instructions on how to hold an English conversation and video snippets of Adriana discussing crucial English language principles for discussion.

Her main topics include what to say and what not to say during discussions, correct word usage in context, and typical English language phrases. She also goes over several English idioms and proper pronunciation.

Her Instagram handle is @englishwithadriana.

English Grammar Tips

Unlike most English language learning Instagram accounts, which focus on the fundamentals, English Grammar is geared toward those who already know how to speak English but are easily distracted by common grammatical errors.

The English Grammar Instagram account covers a wide range of topics that are particularly useful for intermediate learners. The posts include topics such as common phrasal verbs, typical misunderstandings, measure words, words with silent letters, and modal verbs.

The account also discusses pertinent topics such as internet acronyms and teen lingo. They also provide explanations on practical uses of the language, such as accepting an apology and methods to reply to “thank you.”

They can be found at @grammar_tips


Learning English is not limited to traditional schooling, books, and teachers. With the Internet and social media’s vastness, you can learn English simply by scrolling through one of the most popular social media platforms: Instagram. There are numerous Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing their English knowledge. Know your needs and levels before choosing which Instagram account to follow to help you with your English learning journey. Remember to examine yourself first to determine your needs in your English learning journey, then locate an Instagram community to help you along the way, and don’t forget to enjoy the process.

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