Top 20 Beauty Salon Hashtags for Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform for salons because it combines beauty, style, and ease. And hashtags are popular among Instagram users. These are the best beauty salon hashtags to use on Instagram to gain new clients, as well as best practices for getting started.

Why use Instagram?

Other social media platforms are increasingly allowing you to use the top beauty salon hashtags. Hashtags are allowed on Facebook and Twitter, for example. Do you spend a lot of time networking with other professionals? LinkedIn now provides a plethora of hashtag possibilities. However, Instagram remains the best place to meet existing and future guests. In comparison to these other sites, Instagram users use hashtags often. Instagram hashtags allow you to:

  • Showcase the innovative and creative work being done behind the closed doors of your salon.
  • Make contact with new and existing clients in your location.
  • Share promotions or promote new products or services.
  • Share inspiring customer success stories and before/after images.

Instagram, according to Sprout Social, is where customers are increasingly spending their time. Six out of every ten users log in on a daily basis, making it the second-most active social media site (next to Facebook). And they spend over an hour (53 minutes) every day on the site.

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Begin with hairstylist hashtags.

When you combine a fantastic image and story with the right hairdresser hashtags, something amazing happens on Instagram. Clients will discover you more easily, they will begin tagging you in their dramatic before/after photos, and your salon will be able to interact with other local companies and influencers. Here’s how you can get there.

Best Instagram habits

It takes time to perfect the art of hashtagging, but it’s not an exact science. Instead, consider the best hashtag techniques to use on each post. For instance, every post on your account should include:

  • Hairstylist hashtags that are exclusive to that post
  • Hashtags for local businesses to engage with your community
  • A hashtag that is unique to your salon.

Your customized hashtag should be unique to your salon and contain your name as well as maybe your location. Using a customized hashtag, guests can quickly navigate through all salon-related posts and share their own. Finally, refrain from hashtag spamming. A recommended number of hashtags each post is five to fifteen. These can be included at the end of your post or in the first comment. Remember that the ideal beauty salon hashtags are as unique as possible while being relevant enough to be shared and discovered.

How to Locate Hashtags

You can start with the list below, but you can also come up with your own hashtags for your posts. How? Enter Instagram’s search bar directly. Start brainstorming by typing #. For example, if you search #hair, you’ll receive a drop-down list of all related hashtags along with the number of related posts that include that hashtag. This allows you to focus on general hairstylist hashtags as well as ones unique to your area or specialty, and see how popular they are.

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beauty salon hashtags

Top 20 beauty salon hashtags for Instagram

Again, for your posts, look for a combination of general and specific beauty salon hashtags. Here are some nice general hashtags for hair and beauty salons:

  1. #picoftheday
  2. #hairoftheday
  3. #haircare
  4. #instahair
  5. #hairtutorial
  6. #colorexpert
  7. #hairstylist
  8. #transformation
  9. #makeover
  10. #beautyaddict
  11. #beautytip
  12. #instabeauty
  13. #hairgoals
  14. #behindthechair
  15. #hairtransformation
  16. #hairjourney
  17. #hairbrained
  18. #beforeandafterhair
  19. #beautycommunity
  20. #haircolor

Then, get specific. As previously said, search Instagram using a phrase or location to find hashtags that fit your specific services. #grayhairmovement, #curlycut, #torontohairstylist, #mermaidhair, or #blackhaircare are some examples.

Use these ideas to create a strong Instagram presence

Aside from using the finest beauty salon hashtags, there are a few more strategies to improve your salon’s and brand’s Instagram presence.

Maintain consistency

Always interact with guests that are interested in your brand! Respond to their questions, like their comments, and double-tap any postings with your branded hashtag. You can undertake this duty yourself, hire a social media manager, or have your staff take turns maintaining social channels throughout their shift.

Make use of videos

Change your focus from static posts to Instagram Reels and Stories. These are dynamic and entertaining, and they allow you to include links, polls, quizzes, countdowns, and other features. Because content disappears after 24 hours, keep your best stories on Instagram highlights.

Encourage micro-influencers

Include salon employees, clients, and fans in your Instagram marketing by using a branded hashtag. You can make a real connection with your audience by showcasing non-corporate voices from team members and guests alike. They get invested and curious about what happens next.

Monitor your ROI and top-performing content

Track statistics and ROI from Instagram overall as well as particular posts using a business Instagram account. Take note of the hair salon hashtags you used, the type of content that attracted the most attention, and the success of any online campaigns or contests.

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Share everywhere

Make sure your Instagram handle is visible on your website, individual stylist social media accounts, email subscriber pages, and product and event pages. Include it in your salon, too, with attractive banners encouraging clients to follow your account.


People want to hear from your salon’s own creative voice and discover what makes it a popular place for pampering. Aside from Instagram, salon management softwares can also easily assist you in keeping in touch with your clients.

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