Top 6 TikTok Accounts for Learning English

Have you reached your limit with Facebook? Is Instagram driving you crazy? You don’t feel like you belong to the generation of Twitter users, do you? Maybe you’re looking for TikTok. It could be what you need. With over 800 million active users on a monthly basis, TikTok is quickly becoming a platform for learning, and this includes learning English as well as other languages. This post will Introduce the top six TikTok accounts for learning English.

TikTok Accounts for learning English

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform. It is possible for users to create short, fifteen-second videos with music and captions with this app, which is also known as a lip-syncing app. These videos are often funny, and if they are shared enough times, they can quickly go viral. Because of the app’s fresh and engaging content, it has garnered an enormous following among the younger demographic. However, it is also incredibly inclusive, allowing users from all over the world to freely express themselves artistically regardless of where they are located.

Why is TikTok good for learning English?

TikTok is now being used as a medium for the distribution of information and education as a result of the EduTok hashtag, which originated in India. Micro-learning is the name of the game here because these videos are only fifteen seconds long. This means that you can use your phone as a mini classroom to study anything you want. Because of this, it is great for people who have short attention spans and is also great for a quick scroll through on your phone when you are taking a break for lunch. TikTok videos are generally multi-lingual. A significant number of users create content not just in English but also in their mother tongue. One such example is the famed English teacher and internet personality known as Englishwithgeet from India. She produces videos in English, Hindi, and Urdu for her 6.4 million followers.

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TikTok is an entertaining resource for identifying local dialects and listening to natural speech. Not to mention the vast amounts of grammatical and lexical gems that are also available for your casual reading. TikTok is just another example of how social media platforms are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to learn a new language. You will be able to communicate with other students and comment on and share videos through this app. You are, therefore, also receiving the element of communication! Below is the list of the top 6 TikTok accounts for learning English.

1. Andrea Holm English

Andrea does not simply stand there and talk to the camera; instead, she takes you out on walks with her, acts out phone conversations, and does short skits to fully illustrate the grammar or terminology she is talking about. Her use of “at the hospital” rather than “in the hospital” is a true gem!

2. English Understood

The British man from English understood speaks in a slow and straightforward manner, using a number of different ways to express the same idea. For instance, he provides a number of British English phrases for being sick, apologizing, and expressing appreciation for something. In addition, he discusses some of the linguistic distinctions between British and American English. This is good practice for a distinct British accent because he does not have the typical London accent that BBC uses.

TikTok Accounts for learning English

3. Learning English

Even though learning English, a Burmese account, understanding Burmese is not required in order to use it. They pick footage from well-known movies in which different actors speak the same line and then tie them together, one after the other. It is interesting because you have the English text above to show you what you’re listening to, but you get the phrase in all kinds of situations, spoken quickly and slowly, by men and women, with different accents and inflections. This makes it interesting because you can see what you’re listening to.

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4. Real Life English

Because it is run by a real-life couple, one of whom is British, and the other is American, this TikTok account for learning English has a lot of comedic value. They will occasionally compare their respective dialects, which is a really entertaining activity. They concentrate on the way English is spoken in everyday life and how it differs from standard textbook English. It’s unfortunate that they sometimes talk so quickly, but if you’re interested in picking up some slang, Real life English is the perfect account for you to follow.

5. Speak English with Mish

Mish, who is a fluent speaker of British English and whose name, in case you were wondering, is shortened to Michelle, talks very clearly and also puts notes on the screen in text form, which is quite helpful if you are unfamiliar with the language she is using. Mish keeps her videos short and concentrates on words and phrases that are frequently misused or the distinction between words that seem similar but have different meanings, such as remember and remind compliment and complement, and many more examples.

6. English with Tanya

Even though Tanya is not a native speaker, you shouldn’t have any trouble understanding her because her accent is quite slight. She emphasizes idioms and phrasal verbs to help you seem more natural while you are communicating in English. The fact that she uses small clips from well-known television shows and films as examples of how idioms and phrases are used in conversation is something that really appeals to me.

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This concludes our list of the top 6 TikTok accounts for learning English. You’ll pick up some new language even when you’re not even “working on your English” if you add a few of these accounts to your regular rotation of funny cat videos and birds that love shoelaces. If you want to improve your English skills, you should check out some of these incredibly entertaining and interesting TikTok accounts.

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