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Top 7 Instagram Fake Follower Checker Tools

by | Mar 25, 2023

Wannabe influencers use fake followers to boost their growth and go up the ranks, from nano to micro, micro to macro, and so on. They, however, merely give a false sense of success. Their profiles, engagement rate, and behaviors are unusual, separating them from genuine followers and jeopardizing your brand’s image and credibility. In this post, we’ll look at the differences between fake and real Instagram followers, as well as how to spot fake followers and the best methods for detecting them. continue reading this post for the top seven Instagram fake follower checker tools.

 Instagram Fake Follower Checker Tools

Real vs. fake Instagram followers

For the ordinary Joe and Jane, the difference between real and fake followers may appear to be the same. A marketer, on the other hand, must understand the distinction. Both have profiles, bios, and photos. So, what is the distinction? Authenticity! Fake Instagram accounts are those created by an individual or by software with no one behind them. They exist primarily to increase the number of followers. These accounts rarely interact with others, and when they do, it’s usually by flooding posts with one-word comments and aggressively selling promotional content. Real Instagram followers, on the other hand, are accounts managed by actual persons who follow another account based on content quality, common interests, and likability. Their profiles and activities are real, and they seldom act like bots.

How to spot fake followers

It’s not difficult to spot a fake follower. It’s as simple as it gets. Here are four signs of a fake follower:

Examine the Follower-to-Following Ratio

The follower-to-following ratio is maybe the quickest way to recognize a bad apple. A following-heavy profile with a large gap between followers and following screams fake. Influencers that provide bot followers as a service sometimes use a single profile to follow many brands. As a result, the ratio appears unnatural.

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Examine the Rate of Engagement

Fake followers exist just to accomplish one thing: ‘follow.’ As a result, you won’t find many of these profiles actively engaged. Even posers who supply quality followers and promising engagements act inhuman. A fake profile will include short messages, a lot of emojis, and a lack of personality.

Examine the Photo and Bio

Lack of authenticity cannot be blamed on a wannabe influencer selling 1K fake followers for $9.99. You can put the blame on dishonesty but not authenticity. The majority of fake Instagram profiles contain shady photos and a generic bio (at times, no bio).

Auto-Suggested Username

If we can’t use our own name to establish a profile, we come up with innovative usernames. However, fake followers usually lack the creativity and time to do so. As a result, they rely on auto-suggested usernames, which may include seven to eight random numbers following the name. Bots can use it, but not real people.

Real vs. fake followers: The best Instagram Fake Follower Checker Tools

Scanning thousands of followers to weed out fake ones is a difficult task. Fortunately, you are not required to do so. Several paid and free tools on the market can help you spot fake followers quickly. Here are the top seven tools for detecting and cleaning up fake followers before they damage your brand’s image:

Number 1: HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor, a Fake Follower Checker Tool


With a plethora of great free and paid services, HypeAuditor delivers in-depth insights about followers’ locations as well as data such as engagement rate and engagement authenticity. It is frequently used to identify fake influencers with a large number of fake followers, and it offers the information necessary to determine who is real and who is not.

Number 2: FakeCheck

FakeCheck, a Fake Follower Checker Tool


FaceCheck is another tool that provides insight into the audience’s involvement rate. It is often used by influencers to assess their degree of social engagement, and it excels at distinguishing between fake and real. FaceCheck gives fake follower count and engagement rate for accounts to help distinguish the best from the others.

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Number 3: SocialBlade

SocialBlade, a Fake Follower Checker Tool


It is a tool that is appropriate for all major social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. SocialBlade makes it simple to identify fake followers on social media and validate influencers with legitimate backing. You can use this to obtain historical data on a profile or account in order to examine engagement trends and activities and identify posers.

Number 4: Social Audit Pro

Social Audit Pro, a Fake Follower Checker Tool

Social Audit Pro

It is a premium service, but it is well worth the price. To examine, detect, and delete fake followers from your social profiles, Social Audit Pro inspects 5K followers for $5 and 20K followers for $20. Any profile tagged as dormant or fake is automatically removed from the system. Not only is Social Audit Pro ideal for difficult times, but it is also an excellent tool for comparing influencers and determining the best one.

Number 5: Upfluence

UpFluence, a Fake Follower Checker Tool


Upfluence, a free Chrome plugin, is a simple and powerful fake follower-detecting tool. It delivers information such as performance metrics, engagement rate, and activities to differentiate the real from the fake.

Number 6: TrendHERO

TrendHERO, a Fake Follower Checker Tool


TrendHERO inspects profiles using natural language searches and similar methods to cherry-pick real accounts and identify shady profiles. It is frequently used by Instagrammers who want to quickly check the legitimacy of Instagram accounts and the Influencer’s audience due to its simple design.

Number 7: IG Auditor

IG Auditor, a Fake Follower Checker Tool

IG Audit

Finally, IG Audit is a free Instagram fake profile detection tool that is superior to certain premium ones. It successfully assesses and determines which profiles are more human-like and which yell inauthenticity on public accounts. The tool randomly inspects 200 profiles and ranks the account out of 100 based on several engagement, language, and activity-related criteria.


What is an Instagram fake follower checker tool?

An Instagram fake follower checker tool is a software or online service designed to analyze Instagram profiles and determine the authenticity of their followers. These tools help businesses identify influencers with fake followers, ensuring that they collaborate with genuine influencers who can truly impact their marketing campaigns.

Are these tools free to use?

Some fake follower checker tools, such as the one offered by Influencer Marketing Hub and Modash, provide free basic audits for Instagram profiles. However, more comprehensive features or influencer discovery services may require a paid subscription.

Can I trust the results from a fake follower checker tool?

While these tools offer valuable insights into the authenticity of an Instagram account’s followers, it is important to remember that even genuine influencers may have some fake followers. Use the results as a starting point and conduct further research to ensure the influencer is a good fit for your campaign.

How can I use the results from a fake follower checker tool to improve my influencer marketing strategy?

By identifying influencers with a high percentage of fake followers, you can avoid partnerships that may not deliver the desired results. Focus on collaborating with influencers with a high number of real followers in your target audience and strong engagement rates.

How often should I use a fake follower checker tool?

It is advisable to use a fake follower checker tool whenever you are considering partnering with an influencer or periodically reviewing your existing influencer collaborations. Regular audits can help you ensure that your marketing efforts are directed towards genuine influencers with authentic audiences.


There is no such thing as a spam-free social media site. Spammers, posers, and fake profiles may be found on any platform. However, modern apps and Instagram fake follower checker tools now allow us to detect and remove fake profiles before they distract our attention and damage our brand image. Influencers and brands can now ensure their profiles stay fake-free and legitimate by using the tools discussed in this article. As a result, they stay in good spirits, and businesses and brands rarely question their credibility as a result of a few bad apples.

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