TweetDeck is Officially Becoming a Paid Service

by | Aug 17, 2023


TweetDeck, a popular app used to access Twitter, is now going to be a paid service. Some users have already noticed a paywall when trying to use TweetDeck, and it seems like the company has been planning this for a while. It was announced earlier that TweetDeck, now called XPro, would become a subscriber-only feature. The transition was supposed to happen in 30 days, but it took a bit longer.

The social network X, formerly known as Twitter, has been adding new features to its premium subscription called X Premium, now called XPro. These additions include longer posts, formatting options, ad revenue sharing, and higher rankings in conversations and search. Now, they are hoping that access to XPro, which comes with a blue checkmark, will be worth paying for.

TweetDeck was a popular tool used by journalists, marketers, and others who needed to manage multiple Twitter accounts and custom feeds. Since it was acquired by X in 2011, it has become an important tool for many professionals. While it makes sense for X to charge for the service, it’s disappointing for users who relied on the free version of the app.



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