Twitter Adds New Feature for iOS Users to See Bookmark Counts on Tweets

by | Mar 19, 2023

Twitter has introduced a new feature for iOS users that allows them to see bookmark counts on tweets. This feature is aimed at making it easier for users to manage their bookmarks and keep track of their saved tweets.

How to Access the Bookmark Count

To access the bookmark count for a tweet, users need to long-press on the tweet in question. This will bring up a menu that includes an option to view the bookmark count. Tapping on this option will display the number of times the tweet has been bookmarked by other users.

Benefits of the New Feature

The new feature gives users an idea of how popular a tweet is and how many other people are interested in it. This information can be useful for users who want to keep track of their saved tweets and manage their bookmarks more effectively.

Availability of the Feature

The new feature is currently only available for iOS users. It is not clear whether the feature will be rolled out to Android users in the future. However, given the popularity of Twitter among Android users, it seems likely that the feature will eventually be made available to them as well.

Twitter Adds Bookmark Counter on iOS: Here’s How it Works

Twitter has added a bookmark counter feature to its iOS app. This new feature lets users see the number of times a tweet has been bookmarked by other users. The feature is aimed at making it easier for users to manage their bookmarks and keep track of their saved tweets.

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Other Recent Twitter Features

In addition to the bookmark counter feature, Twitter has introduced several other new features in recent months. These include a voice tweet feature, which allows users to record and share audio clips on their timeline. Twitter has also made several changes to its interface, making it easier for users to navigate and use the app.


Twitter’s new features are a sign of its commitment to improving its platform and providing users with new and useful tools. Whether you are a casual user or a power user, Twitter’s new features are sure to make your experience on the platform more enjoyable and productive. Be sure to update your app and start enjoying these great new features!

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