Twitter Makes Search Keyword Ads Available to All Advertisers

by | Jan 26, 2023

Twitter is introducing Search Keyword Ads, a new ad unit that allows users to promote sponsored tweets in search results. Advertisers may now pay to display their tweets at the top of search results for specified keywords. The feature is comparable to promoted tweets displayed in users’ timelines, but it also appears in search results.

Advertisers will be able to reach a larger audience as individuals searching for specific keywords will now be exposed to sponsored tweets. Search Keywords Ads can be found as a new campaign target in the Twitter Ads interface.

How it works

The new Search Keywords Ads purpose, as stated in the tweet above, is intended to generate conversions to advertiser websites. Twitter’s Search Keyword Ads are unusual because they only target users actively looking for specific keywords, providing a more accurate indication of user intent. Use the Twitter Pixel or Conversion API on your website for optimum relevance. In the future, Twitter plans to broaden Search Keywords Ads to additional advertising objectives.

Like other promoted tweets, search advertising will be prominently branded as “sponsored,” which will assist in distinguishing adverts from organic tweets. Search Keyword Ads have the potential to be a substantial revenue generator for Twitter, which is something the business desperately needs right now.

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According to Reuters

According to Reuters, ad spending on Twitter fell 71% in December. This drop is attributable to big marketers limiting their investment in the social media network following Elon Musk’s takeover. Will the debut of search advertisements entice marketers to return? When Twitter hosts its earnings call later this week, we may learn more about the company’s efforts to increase revenue.

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