Twitter Video App for Smart TVs is Coming: Elon Musk

Twitter Video App for Smart TVs

In a recent development, Elon Musk has confirmed that Twitter is planning to launch a video app specifically designed for smart TVs. This announcement aligns with Twitter’s new strategy to focus on expanding its video content offerings on the platform and indicates the company’s efforts to revitalize its business beyond digital advertising.

Twitter Expanding into Smart TVs with New Video App to Boost Engagement and Ad Revenue

The move to introduce a video app for smart TVs demonstrates Twitter’s intention to tap into the growing market of smart TV users and cater to those who prefer watching long-form videos on larger screens. This strategic decision also presents an opportunity for Twitter to potentially generate revenue through advertisements and sponsorships alongside video content on the app. Notably, the presentation mentioned that vertical video already accounts for more than 10% of the time spent on Twitter, indicating the platform’s existing engagement with video content.

Twitter Confirms Development of Video App for Smart TVs to Expand Video Content and User Base

While specific details regarding the release date and functionality of the app are not mentioned in the available sources, Elon Musk’s confirmation implies that the development of the Twitter video app for smart TVs is indeed underway. By focusing on video content and introducing a dedicated app for TVs, Twitter aims to expand its offerings and attract a larger user base. This strategic shift highlights the company’s determination to compete in the smart TV market and reinforce its position by delivering Twitter’s video content directly to smart TV users.

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Overall, Twitter’s plan to launch a video app for smart TVs signifies its strategic shift towards video content and its aim to address falling ad sales by exploring new avenues of revenue generation. The introduction of the app will allow Twitter to reach a wider audience and further establish itself as a platform for engaging content on smart TVs.



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