Twitter Will Show 50% Fewer Advertisements to Paid Blue Subscribers

by | Apr 9, 2023

Paid Blue Subscribers

Elon Musk’s Twitter will now show at least 50% fewer ads to Paid blue subscribers, as well as increase their visibility on the platform in order to entice more users. The new tool is available on the microblogging platform’s ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ tabs.

“As you scroll, you’ll notice that there are roughly twice as many organic or non-promoted Tweets sandwiched between promoted Tweets or ads. It is possible that there will be more or fewer non-promoted Tweets between promoted Tweets at times.”

However, advertisements displayed in profile replies, promoted accounts, and trends or promoted events on the Explore page are not covered by this feature. The company has also prioritized rankings in conversations and searches for Blue users, who pay $8 per month. Meanwhile, the blue check marks for legacy verified accounts on Twitter remain. A new verified tagline for legacy Blue users now reads:

“This account is verified because it is subscribed to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account.”

“We are updating the profile with the date of verification. Because there was so much corruption in the past with legacy checkmarks, only the date since paid verification counts, “said the CEO of Twitter.

“According to Musk, starting April 15, only verified accounts will be able to appear in ‘For You’ recommendations.”

Last week, he stated that “Only verified accounts will be able to appear in For You recommendations beginning April 15. This is the only realistic way to deal with advanced AI bot swarms. Otherwise, it is a hopeless losing battle. For the same reason, voting in polls will require verification.

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“That said,” Musk added, “it’s fine to have verified bot accounts as long as they follow the terms of service and don’t impersonate a human.”


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