Twitter’s New Verification System Has Blue & Gold Checkmarks

by | Dec 15, 2022

Twitter's New Verification System

Twitter’s new verification system that includes gold checkmarks for businesses and unique labels for official accounts. The new approach is intended to address issues that arose during the first introduction of Twitter CEO Elon Musk‘s Blue Verified program, which allowed anybody to buy a blue checkmark for a $8 monthly subscription. Several protections are in place to prevent someone from impersonating other identities by exploiting the blue checkmark. Aside from a new colored checkmark for business accounts, there are new conditions users must complete before receiving a verified badge. Here’s additional information on all of the changes to Twitter verification.

Twitter’s new verification system – blue checkmark

Twitter is bringing back its Blue Verified membership scheme, which used to cost $8 per month if you subscribed using a web browser.

Subscribing through Twitter’s iOS app will cost an extra three dollars each month, according to Musk, due to Apple’s fee on in-app transactions. To fight impersonation, Twitter is adding an account review stage to the sign-up process. The assessment will ensure that your account satisfies the following requirements:

  • Complete: Your account now has a display name and a profile photo.
  • Active: Your account has been used in the last 30 days.
  • Secure: Your account is more than 90 days old and contains a phone number.
  • Non-Deceptive: There has been no recent change to your profile photo, display name, or username.
    • Your account must show no evidence of being dishonest or misleading.
    • Your account must show no evidence of platform manipulation or spam.
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Accounts will be recognized with a blue checkmark once a Twitter team member carefully evaluates them and determines that it fits the standards. In addition to the blue checkmark, Twitter claims the following features will be available “soon”:

  • Priority placement in replies, mentions, and search results.
  • 50% fewer advertisements.
  • Publishing longer videos.

Accounts that were previously verified using the legacy criteria will keep their checkmark. Twitter, on the other hand, will not accept new applications to verify accounts using the old criteria.

Twitter verified – gold checkmark

Twitter now differentiates between verified businesses and verified people by using gold checkmarks. Businesses that were previously verified using Twitter’s former system will have their blue checkmarks upgraded to gold automatically. Twitter’s product lead, Esther Crawford, says the firm will soon open up a process for other businesses to apply for gold checkmarks. In the meanwhile, business accounts can join up for the standard Blue Verified program, however they will just receive a blue checkmark for the time being.

Twitter verified – “official” labels

Along with a blue or gold checkmark, Twitter is now labeling the following accounts as “Official”:

  • Government accounts
  • Political organizations (such as parties)
  • Commercial companies and business partners
  • famous brands
  • Publishers and media outlets
  • Other well-known people

Musk indicated weeks ago that government accounts will be distinguished from personal and business accounts by a grey checkmark. However, that update has yet to be released.

Source: Twitter


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