What Does CFS Mean on Instagram?

On every social media site, you’ll find users talking in slang. You may encounter slang terms on Instagram that can refer to a range of concepts, and unless you can keep up with all of the terminologies, you will feel left out of the conversation. Are you intrigued by the meaning of the acronym “CFS” when it’s used on Instagram? Continue reading this guide to find out what it means for yourself; the solution is here. This article provides an in-depth look into the meaning of the tag CFS on Instagram. In addition, we will go over the steps needed to set up a “CFS” on Instagram and add members to it. Next, we will discuss creating an Instagram story exclusive to your “CFS.”

CFS on Instagram

What Does CFS on Instagram Mean?

When you create an Instagram story, it will be visible to everyone, or you may select a list of your closest friends and send it to that group instead. You can create a list on Instagram and add your close friends to it, thanks to the app’s close friends function. If you want to make your Instagram story private, you may add people to your “close friends” list and then decide whether or not to share the story with those people. Therefore, you may receive a direct message stating, “Hey, why not add the group as your CFS and share the pictures?” The sender of this message suggests that you add the group members as some of your closest friends on Instagram and that you set them as the audience for your Instagram stories when you create them.

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How To Use CFS on Instagram

On Instagram, you cant consider everyone who follows you or who you follow as a friend of yours. As a result, not every story should be accessible to each and every viewer. Using Instagram’s function that lets users keep track of their “close friends,” one can create their own inner circle. Here’s how you can create your own CFS for Instagram:

  1. Launch the Instagram app and log in to your account.
  2. Find the symbol representing your profile down near the bottom, and then click on it.
  3. To access the menu from your profile page, click the button located at the very top.
  4. To view your close friends, choose them from the drop-down menu.
  5. In the box labeled “search,” type the name of the individual whose information you wish to add.
  6. When you have found them in the results of the search, click the circle to the right to select them.
  7. Simply select the Done button at the bottom of the page.

You are able to add many people to your CFS by repeating the steps that are outlined above. Once your list of close friends is set, we will show you how to build a private Instagram story that is only viewable to the CFS.

Here’s how to create a CFS Instagram Story:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. On your homepage, locate the + sign at the top and click it. Then, from the drop-down option that appears, select story.
  3. The Instagram page that allows users to create stories will show up. Select “Story” from the menu that appears at the bottom.
  4. You can either use the camera to take a photo or record a video.
  5. Edit your post by including filters and more text.
  6. After you are finished, click the Close Friends button that is located at the bottom of the page.
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Your Instagram story will be posted, but it will only be seen by those people who are included in your close friend circle; it will not be accessible to the general public.

Commonly asked questions

What is CFS on Instagram?

On Instagram, the abbreviation CFS refers to “close friends.” Instagram has added this feature to provide users the ability to compile a list of their closest friends with whom they can share their Instagram stories. A CFS can be created by anybody; however, the people you join to it will not be informed that you have included them when you do so. On the other hand, others will be unable to view Instagram stories that you post to your CFS.

When Should I Use CFS on Instagram?

When you want to create anything that is private, but you don’t want the whole public to see it, the CFS is the tool you should use. In that situation, you can compile a list of the people who are the closest to you. After you have finished creating your Instagram story, go to the audience section and choose “Close Friends.” After you have shared your story, no one on Instagram who is not on your list will be able to access it.

How Do I Add People to My CFS?

When seeing your profile for the first time, launch your Instagram app and choose the profile icon located at the bottom of the screen. After you have done so, pick the settings option by clicking on the symbol that looks like a menu. After that, select “close friends” from the menu on the left, look up the people you want to add, and then check the box next to the round button on the right. When you’re finished, click “Done.”

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CFS on Instagram is a beautiful addition that allows users to create a private Instagram story that is only seen by their close friends’ circle. This post has provided an explanation of what “CFS” stands for on Instagram, as well as instructions on how to create a list of your close friends and share an Instagram story with them.

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