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What Does “IYKYK” Mean on Instagram?

by | Mar 20, 2023

On Instagram, there’s always a new puzzling slang term or acronym that everyone is using. “IYKYK” is one such term you’ve probably seen on your feed. IYKYK, like most slang phrases, gained popularity on social media. This is an inside joke. Only those in on the joke will get it. Similarly, many people on your friend list may misinterpret the implied message. This limits your communication with those who share your interests or are familiar with the context. Knowing the meaning of slang terms is not enough. Continue reading to learn what does “IYKYK” mean on Instagramm and how to correctly use IYKYK in your Instagram posts. But first, let’s define slang terms and acronyms.

Slang Terms and Acronyms Online

Language evolves throughout time. New words and slang are constantly being introduced, thanks to modern technology and social media platforms. The majority of these slang terms originated on the internet. They may have been used earlier, but with the rise of the internet, online chatting, and other social applications. Individuals nowadays desire to be connected at all times. While texting, slang terms, and acronyms might save you time.

Similarly, individuals do not want to feel left out and will use the popular terminology that everyone else is using. Slang is defined as “an informal nonstandard vocabulary” and “language specific to a particular group” by Merriam-Webster. People’s slang terms are also culture carriers. The same could be said about online forum slang, particularly so since such slang terms and phrases are more commonly used by younger audiences.

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How Did “IYKYK” Get So Popular?

Acronyms and words like IRL, BAE, and cringe have entered our daily written and spoken conversations. In fact, they are currently being included in the official vocabulary. Similarly, a definition of IYKYK can be found in the Urban Dictionary. Nobody knows where the acronym came from. It is used on all social media platforms, including Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. Pusha T’s song “If You Know You Know” popularized the term. TikTok, on the other hand, was the first to popularize the acronym. There are billions of videos labeled “IYKYK” on TikTok. Many prefer to use the abbreviation since the phrase is so lengthy. It is increasingly commonly used in WhatsApp messages and IM chats, following Tiktok and other social media sites.

How To Correctly Use IYKYK?

IYKYK is used when you want to refer to an event, meme, TV program, or even inside jokes that your friends would understand. When using IYKYK on Instagram or any other social media platform, the post should be about something that few people are aware of. IYKYK can be used to refer to a quote that only a few people are aware of, a fictional couple you cheer for, or an event that only your friends are aware of. For example, you shared a photo of something strange that happened at the party last night. You can title it IYKYK or add the hashtag #iykyk. People who were there will understand what you mean. Here are some captions to help you understand:

  • I will never do it again #IYKYK
  • the final one standing is. #IYKYK
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IYKYK as a Marketing Tool

Influencers and content creators on Instagram frequently use the hashtag IYKYK to promote their products and services. Because of their reach, they can target certain niches and groups of people who may be interested in the goods. If the Instagram post gets popular, it can result in big profits. To promote a well-known watch brand, for example, the influencer will upload a photo of the watch with the hashtag IYKYK. This will signal to their followers, who are already familiar with the brand, that the watch is of good quality. Similarly, influencers can use the hashtag IYKYK to post photos of tourist attractions or restaurants. It also creates a feeling of mystery about the product or service. Those who are unfamiliar with the product or service will explore it out of curiosity.


The important thing to know about IYKYK meaning on Instagram is that it is intended to be ambiguous. Hence, whether you’re using it in a post or as a content creator, don’t give away too much. Because IYKYK is so general, it can be used in a wide range of situations. It may be the music you’re listening to or the latest workplace gossip.

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