What Does OBJ Mean on Facebook?

OBJ is an “object replacement character” in Unicode that serves as a text placeholder for an otherwise unspecified object in Facebook posts. It signifies that OBJ is a stand-in for a character that cannot be shown on your screen. So, you’ve shared something on Facebook, perhaps something upbeat, with a cute little emoji to emphasize your point. But as you check your new post on your phone, you notice that your lovely emojis have vanished. In their place are unsightly small dashed boxes with the letters ‘OBJ’ inside them. As you navigate through your feed, you notice identical boxes in other people’s posts. Some of your friends can see them, while others cannot. What is happening here? This article will explain what OBJ on Facebook posts is and all that you need to know about it!


What exactly is OBJ on Facebook?

OBJ is an abbreviation for Object Replacement Character. It acts as a replacement text for a certain character object that is otherwise unidentified. It denotes that OBJ is a stand-in for a character that is not visible on your screen. An ‘object’ is anything you view on a website. When you see OBJ in Facebook or Instagram posts, it refers to a specific object that is not visible on the page. In other words, OBJ on Facebook is merely a placeholder in Unicode. If you’re wondering what Unicode is, read on. It is a universal code capable of representing millions of distinct symbols. It incorporates all commonly used symbols, including emojis. This is done to produce a single reference for all characters that you may use on the web. Unicode object replacement character was made so that computers, regardless of language, could speak with one another.

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OBJ placeholder

Why is OBJ showing up on Facebook?

Now is a good time to ask, “How did this happen?” Wasn’t Unicode designed to avoid such occurrences? Yes, that is right. It is not permitted to view OBJ in Facebook posts. This message is typically displayed when the software you’re running is incompatible with other devices. That’s why it’s known as an object replacement character. Because the program is unable to display an object, a placeholder is used in its place. There are four possibilities as to why this is occurring to you. As in the case of seeing a Facebook post, as you will see in the next paragraphs.

Possible causes of OBJ appearances on Facebook 

Software Bug

This is most likely the reason you’ve seen an OBJ in Facebook posts or symbols. On iOS and Android devices, the OBJ emoji error is common. As the major way of communication, smartphones have replaced all other methods of communication. As a consequence, your Facebook app is having technical issues. So, whenever a user sends an emoji or text, your device shows a placeholder sign.  The most effective way to fix this software problem is to upgrade your social media and keyboard apps. But what if none of this works? You may have to download font libraries or update the operating system on your smartphone. Continue learning to learn how:

  1. Navigate to the Settings app on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  2. Search for the Software Updates section.
  3. Allow the device to check for software updates.
  4. Finally, click the download button to begin the software update and then wait for it to complete.
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Using Voice-To-Text on iPhones and Android Devices

Voice-to-text functionality on iPhones and competent Android devices is gaining popularity. Voice-to-text is a popular feature among iPhone and iOS users. This is used to transmit messages, search for goods, and deliver recognisable automated instructions. However, this poses various issues for the software to deal with. As a result, an OBJ emoji appears in place of the unrecognizable section of your voice. You have no supervision over those who use an Apple translator. The services are changing, and the only thing you can do is speak slowly enough for the speech recognition program to display the proper information.

Updates to the Emoji Library

This is another problem that many people are experiencing. Users do not always upgrade their operating systems. This causes a host of software compatibility issues.You could have a new iPhone or an Android smartphone with the latest recent Emoji Library. However, the person you’re conversing with may be using an outdated device. As a result, updating to the latest version of the operating system is the safest option to resolve the issue.

Damaged data

This is a more prevalent issue on Windows and Mac machines. Many factors might contribute to data corruption during the transfer process, including a bad internet connection and transmission issues. As a consequence, the symbol is displayed as a placeholder on the devices.

What is the significance of the OBJ file?

The OBJ file may be exported and opened in a variety of 3D image editing tools. This is a typical 3D picture with a dotted box in the middle and the letters OBJ. It happens when you use the Facebook program. Users on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok will notice it since new emojis on Facebook are displayed as OBJ.

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Why is OBJ being shown on Facebook?

The original emoji character cannot be shown completely on your device, and the Facebook application does not support OBJ. However, you may see it on your smartphone. It might be due to corrupted data or the fact that your device’s emoji or character library is out of date. You may, however, fix this by following the steps outlined above. Worldwide, Facebook has millions of users. It has a particular place in the hearts of its consumers because of its qualities. Consumers, on the other hand, face a slew of technical concerns that must be addressed.


You are already familiar with the Object Replacement Character, or OBJ sign. It was also revealed why the OBJ emoji shows on Facebook feeds. We hope you now understand what OBJ is on Facebook and how you can continue to solve the problem. Hopefully, you recognize that your device has not died and that it is not a serious issue. The simplest solution may be to wait for your application to update or reinstall it. We hope that you learnt a lot from this post.

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