What Does “oomf” Mean on Twitter?

#oomf, or #oneofmyfollowers, is a popular hashtag used on Twitter and other social networks to tag a user in a conversation without mentioning their handle. It first appeared on Twitter in 2013 and has since become an integral part of many people’s online communication. From celebrities to everyday users, everyone can take advantage of this hashtag to quickly refer to another person without having to type out the whole handle. Now that we know what does “oomf” mean on Twitter, let’s explore how it can be used, who uses it most often, and other helpful information about this widely-used hashtag.

What is #oomf used for?

#oomf is widely recognized as a shorthand way of referring to someone on Twitter without mentioning their user handle. It works by including the hashtag followed by any applicable extra information (the username of the person referred to). For instance, if you wanted to refer to someone called @accountname on Twitter, you could use “#oomf @accountname” instead. This makes tagging people easy and quick, which is especially handy when responding quickly or mentioning multiple accounts in a single post. In addition, it also allows users to reference others without making them publicly searchable; for example, by using “#oomf” rather than writing out the whole username, only those who follow both accounts can see it.

Many high-profile figures, such as actors and politicians, are frequent users of the #oomf hashtag because it provides them with an effective way of engaging with their followers. They typically use this method when thanking or recognizing somebody or promoting content from accounts they like/respect. Celebrity singer Zayn Malik is known for often using the hashtag when interacting with fans online, while ‘Orange Is The New Black’ actress Ruby Rose has been spotted using it during press events. Even the President of the US, Obama, was seen using it while participating in a live Q&A event with teenagers earlier this year! This shows how prominent #oomf is in today’s tech-savvy society – even those at the top are embracing its usage!

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So, who exactly uses #oomf?

It appears that pretty much anyone can use this hashtag – from famous personalities down to regular Twitter users like you and me! Both groups tend to use different variations of #oomb depending on what kind of interaction they’re looking for with said user; stars will usually tag someone along with their recommendation, while common people may include their username instead so as not to draw attention away from themselves or be considered “trying too hard.” On top of that, some companies have even started using hashtags similar to “#oomf” like “#smaf” (Support My Awesome Follower) for similar purposes, such as giving recognition in public tweets for smaller achievements or encouragements.

Examples of OOMF in Use

Example 1

Twitter user: “OOMF is about to be blocked if they don’t stop harassing me over my vegan views,”

This first example demonstrates using OOMF to subtweet someone as part of a threat. In this situation, they may not want to expose the follower’s name to avoid more controversy, but they may also want them to get the message in an indirect manner.

Example 2

Twitter user: “Everything happens for a reason. It will happen if it was meant to be… #love #crush #oomf.”

In the second example, OOMF is used as a hashtag separate from the tweet’s primary text. This Twitter user makes a handful of obscure statements that are tough to understand without further context. The OOMF hashtag implies that they’re expressing their feelings about one of their followers and don’t want them to know who it is.

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Example 3

A user on Twitter: “Which OOMF wants a free invite to my new music app? DM me.”

This third example demonstrates how OOMF can be used in a different context that does not include subtweeting a follower. This Twitter user merely asks a question and decides to address all of their followers with OOMF.


By the end of this, you should know what does “oomf” mean on Twitter. Overall, #oomf is an incredibly useful tool for communicating on social media networks such as Twitter; from celebrities down to everyday people – everyone seems to benefit from its brief yet efficient presence! Whether it’s celebrities endorsing their co-stars or everyday people getting motivational support – everyone can find something great about this little hashtag. With that being said, next time you encounter #oomf online, feel free to reach out – because, hey, you never know who might also trying to reach out too!

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