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What Does “/P” on Twitter Mean?

by | Apr 5, 2023

Twitter is a social networking platform where users post short messages known as “tweets.” So you’ve probably seen tweets or chats with “/p” tags that look like sign language. As a result, you keep looking for and wondering about the “/P” meaning on Twitter. Your search is done since you’ve found the correct post to answer your question. Because Twitter is a public medium, what you tweet may be viewed by anybody, anywhere in the world. Yet, many want to share tweets without revealing what the message means. Thus, users use tone tags to put out thoughts only a few understand, and among the tags is “/p.” This post will focus on what “/P” on Twitter means. Additionally, we will show you how you can use it.

What does “/P” mean, and how to use it on Twitter?

Initially, you must understand and comprehend the concept beneath this indicator. This improves your understanding of its meaning and use. Tone tags or indicators are also known as /p, /j, /hj, /r, and many more. In a true sense, these signs are like emojis in text forms. Tone indicators, often known as tags, are just snippets of words that help you understand the tone of a text or post. This concept is critical because, even when the context is present, not everyone can discern a post’s tone. Hence, using the tag will help the reader understand the tone and context of what you wrote. This is especially true for neurodivergent people who struggle to explain the content of a text. Tone tags can be used in both text and post updates. It is also available on other platforms, although it is most popular on Twitter. Because there are only so many characters in a tweet, users frequently add tags to help others understand it. As a result, the tags are mostly put at the end of the post.

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"/P" on Twitter

“/P” on Twitter

“/p,” like every other tone indicator, was taken from the first letter of the word platonic. The word refers to a friendship-like love, care, and so on that is simply spiritual and has no physical or sexual impulses. This word refers to the works of Plato (an ancient Greek philosopher). This philosopher wrote on the interesting issue of love, free from bodily impulses. Consider, for instance, that you have an opposite gender as a common friend who is extremely close to you. But you two are only so close because of your friendship, and you have no sexual urges for one other. If you’re that close and don’t have boyfriends or girlfriends, it suggests you have platonic love. Plato says that this connection is without passion yet gets you closer to God.

How To Use “/P” on Twitter?

You may be wondering how to use the “/p” tone tag now that you know what it represents. There are no hard and fast rules on how to use it. Yet, it is best used toward the end of a text to help you clarify what you wrote. In this manner, once the reader understands the tone, there will be no question about what you’re saying. But you must ensure that your tweet does not become a thread. Because tweet characters are limited, not everyone will notice that the tag at the end of the tweet forms a thread. In this instance, we recommend using the indication towards the beginning or end of the tweet. “The last several days have been fantastic with Jonathan, and I love him /p,” for example. Without the tone indicator at the end, readers could feel something else. It was Elias’ presence that caused you to develop feelings. Yet, with the tone tag, readers would know that it was purely platonic love.

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Commonly asked questions

What does “/P” on Twitter? 

This is a shorthand way of indicating that you are interested in making a purely platonic connection with someone or simply engaging in a non-romantic type of relationship.

Does “/P” imply any form of commitment? 

No, it simply indicates that the person is not looking to engage in any romantic activities. It implies no commitment.

Can anyone use the “/P” label? 

Yes, anyone can use this label to make it known that they seek non-romantic connections.


This concludes our blog on the “/P” meaning on Twitter. Tone tags are becoming widespread social media lingo. It’s all over Twitter, TikTok, Discord, and various other platforms. These tone indicators are meant to help you explain the context of your communication. Consequently, the “/p” tag is no different for showing platonic love or friendship.

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