What Does “SB” Mean on Facebook?

We use social media more than anything else in our everyday lives. People choose to use Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and other social media platforms. Once you start using Facebook or Twitter, you can’t stop; you’ll keep scrolling and finding never-ending updates. On social media, we not only follow our friends, but also other individuals, communities, discussions, pages, chat groups, and more.  There is another characteristic that is universal in all social networks. I’m referring to online slang terms such as LoL, ASAP, ASL, OMG, and others. Such phrases are frequently used by social media users. Mostly while updating their status and commenting on a post.

Not everyone is familiar with all of the common Facebook slang words. Typically, acronyms used on social media have a single widespread meaning that may be used in a variety of discussion scenarios. “Sb” is a lesser-known slang/abbreviation used on social networking sites that can have many meanings depending on the individual. There are around three interpretations of “Sb” on Facebook, which distinguishes the abbreviation from others we’ve observed. This article will go through the many definitions of “Sb” as described above, as well as the settings in which they apply.

Using “Sb” as “Somebody” in a Facebook Conversation

On Facebook, you may use “Sb” to represent somebody in a discussion, caption, or comment. Because of how simply the two letters from the word can be coined, it may be the most clear decipherable meaning of “Sb.” In this context, it might be used in the following conversations.

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Max: Hello! I require the assistance of a plumber to repair my sink. It’s been leaking for several days.

Sam: Oh, no. I believe I know sb who can assist you with this. I’ll give you his phone number.

Max: Thank you, Sam! You save people’s lives.

In another scenario when “Sb” may refer to someone, you could have the following conversation:

Ken: Hello, John. I left my flask on the table this morning and can’t seem to find it.

John: Oh, Ken? What do you want to know?

Ken: Did you see SB taking it, or did you take it yourself?

John: Yes, Ken. I watched it previously with your sister. Speak with her.

Using “Sb” as a Facebook “Soft Block”

To comprehend the use of “Sb” as “Soft Block” on Facebook, we must first define “Soft Block.” A “soft block” is a circumstance in which someone blocks you and then promptly unblocks you, so you are not following each other. The person you unfollowed won’t know, and if a conflict occurs, you can claim it was an error. This is a common behavior on Twitter, where you are more likely to get into an argument or online battle with someone. As a result, in a discussion, you might use the abbreviation “Sb” for “soft block.”

Mary: Hello. I saw we’re no longer following each other on Twitter, and I don’t recall unfollowing you or you unfollowing me.

Kim: Are you sure? What caused this to happen?

Mary: Hahahaha.  Did you not sb me?

Kim: Soft block you? Never! It had to be a mistake.

Using “Sb” As Snapback

Similar to soft block, there should be a fundamental grasp of the term “Snapback” and where it comes from. On Snapchat, where photographs and videos are shared as snaps, the phrase “snapback” is more commonly used. If you send someone a snap, you might expect a “snapback,” which is a response to the Snap you sent. In a discussion, you may use “Sb” as “snapback,” as seen below.

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Mira: Hello, Alexis. I sent you something on Snapchat.

Alexis: yes. I noticed the Snap.

Mira: All right? Sb?

Alexis: I’ll send you one right away!

What Are Some Other Meanings of “Sb”?

Unless you have an inside joke or other personal reasons for using the abbreviation, there are no other known meanings of “Sb.” Regardless, you should only use the abbreviation in informal conversations where you can clearly what you mean to your receiver, not in formal/professional settings.


I hope this article helped you understand the meaning of sb on Facebook. In this article we defined “Sb” as “somebody,” “snapback,” and “soft block.” Remember the settings in which each is used, and enjoy your conversation!

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