What Does SMT on Instagram Mean?

If you do not keep up to speed with the many abbreviations that are used on social media platforms, it will be quite easy for you to become confused when participating in online chats. Abbreviations are everywhere these days, from Instagram to Snapchat, and no one seems to know what to do with all of them. However, when one of the acronyms starts to be used a lot, like SMT on Instagram, we start looking into what the abbreviation actually stands for! This article will explain the several meanings that are associated with the abbreviation, as well as provide examples of how those meanings might be used in conversation.

Social Media & Abbreviations

In the modern world, social media is an essential component of billions of people’s daily routines. Almost everyone with a social media app uses it for communicating first and foremost before using it for any other function. Because texting is the primary mode of communication within these social apps, the use of acronyms and slang is unavoidable. You may have encountered the term “SMT” when using social media apps, most notably Instagram, and you’re curious about its meaning.

The abbreviation “SMT” has been around for a while in the social media world, and its original full version is more well-known as “suck my teeth.” This expression is a variant of the well-known slang phrase “kiss my teeth,” which conveys dissatisfaction or disappointment in relation to anything. As it gains popularity on Instagram and other social platforms, however, it appears that this abbreviation has also taken on the meanings of a few other phrases.

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What Is the Meaning of SMT on Instagram?

As we discussed, the most common interpretation of “SMT” is “sucking my teeth.” Nevertheless, “smiling to myself” might also mean “send me this/that,” depending on the circumstances. The context in which the meanings are to be applied is the most significant aspect of the meanings. Under the following topics, we will examine how these meanings are relevant to the respective contexts.

Meaning #1: Sucking My Teeth

This idiom started because of the sound made when one “sucks” their teeth, which was common practice in the past. It means that sucking your teeth will result in a hissing sound that indicates disapproval of the current circumstance. If you come across a message on social media that you strongly disagree with but are at a loss for words to express your feelings, you may use the acronym “SMT,” which stands for “sucking my teeth.” There’s also the possibility that it takes place in a conversation with another person, during which they express disapproval of something or you express doubts about something. The following are some examples of conversations that show how this definition of “SMT” might be applied.

Illustration 1

Jamie: Hello, Matt. Have you discussed what we spoke about with your brother?

Matt: Uhm…

No. However, I did discuss it with my sister, and now she will pass on the information.

Jamie: SMT! But I made it very clear that you are not to tell your sister anything. I did not want her to know.

Illustration 2

Sarah: Tell me about the lecturer’s comments on the work we have.

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Emma: Oh. He stated that in order to provide us with additional resources, the deadline will be moved up by three days.

Sarah: SMT. I haven’t even finished half of what he asked me to do at the start!

I haven’t even finished half of what he asked me to do at the start!

Meaning #2: Send Me This/That

When going through your Instagram feed, you could come across a video or image posted by a friend that you would like to have for yourself as well. You can use the acronym “SMT” instead of saying “send me this” or “send me that” in its entirety. When you use the abbreviation, you want to make sure your friend understands that “send me this” is the connotation you want it to have.

Meaning #3: Smiling To Myself

A minority of Instagram users use the term “SMT” to refer to the heading, even though this usage is not particularly common. In the same spirit as the meaning of “send me this/that,” you need to make sure that the receiver understands that you mean “smiling to myself” when you say it.

Below is an example to illustrate the point.

Amy: Sam, I could not be more proud of you. You’ve done well.

Sam: SMT. It would have been impossible without you too.


The acronym SMT on Instagram can have a variety of meanings depending on the setting in which it is used on Instagram. Keep in mind that you should always clarify the meanings if you are unsure which one applies to a certain circumstance!

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