What Does “SUS” Mean on Twitter?

“Sus” is a common term that has been encountered on Twitter; however, some users may not understand what it means. If you’ve come across the word on Twitter and don’t know what it means, keep reading to learn what it means and how to use it properly! Someone who does not understand the usual slang terminology like “TL” on Twitter or other social media platforms may want to give up social media alltogether. But there’s no need for that when you can learn what does “SUS” mean on Twitter and how to use it simply by reading our guide. Understand the term’s origins as well as the commonly asked questions about the sus term!

What Does “SUS” Mean on Twitter?

On Twitter and other social media platforms, “sus” means “suspicious,” and it refers to situations that do not appear honest or trustworthy. When the phrase is used, it suggests that something is questionable.

What Is the Origin of “SUS”?

“Sus” was initially defined as “suspicious” in the Urban Dictionary in 2003. Although the phrase has been around for a long time, it was never widely used until recently. Several people believe the word got popular on Twitter as a result of the video game Among Us. The video game went on to become one of the most successful titles of the year 2020. Several players in the game were collaborating to find the imposters among them.

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The term “sus” gained popularity because it was used frequently when a player was suspected of being an impostor. Memes arose when the Among Us content was introduced to popular platforms such as TikTok, making the term famous. It’s not that “sus” didn’t exist before, but the video game Among Us popularized it as a slang term on Twitter and other sites. So, “sus” was legally defined in 2003, but it got popular in 2020 with the success of the video game Among Us.

How To Use “SUS” on Twitter?

When referring to things or people who appear suspicious, the term “sus” can be used. You can use it instead of the term suspicious to suggest that a person is shady, but the meaning is the same. When you consider someone with a doubtful character cannot be trusted, the term “sus” is applicable. Furthermore, if a deal is advertised yet appears suspicious, the term “sus” might be used to label the deal as untrustworthy. As a result, “sus” is an excellent phrase for situations and people that cannot be trusted or are dishonest.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is “SUS”?

“Sus” is a popular slang word for “suspicious” among young people. The phrase is used when someone or something appears to be untrustworthy or shady. The name could also apply to the video game Among Us, which became famous in 2020.

When was the term “SUS” first used?

The term “Sus” was originally defined in the Urban Dictionary in 2003. Many people believe the phrase first appeared in 2020, yet it existed far before, and its meaning has never changed.

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What does “SUS” mean in the video game Among Us?

If you’ve played the video game Among Us, you’ve probably seen the word “sus” used a lot. The word “sus” means “suspicious” in Among Us.

How do I use the word “SUS” on social media?

“Sus” is a frequent phrase you’ve probably heard and wondered how you might utilize it. “Sus” is an excellent phrase to use when referring to something shady and untrustworthy. Also, when individuals describe how legitimate a trade is and you believe it cannot be trusted, you might utilize “sus” to communicate your thoughts.

What does my son mean when he refers to me as “SUS”?

The term “sus has been used to mean “suspicious.” Many young individuals, however, may use it as a joke to tease you or to indicate that they do not believe what you say.


Twitter stands out for providing trending topics for you to follow when you have some free time. But, if you are unfamiliar with the typical slang used on the site, you may not understand what others are saying. Hence, if you’re not sure how to use “SUS” or “SUS” meaning on Twitter, read our guide, and you’ll be able to follow conversations without difficulty!

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