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What Does the Green Dot on Facebook mean?

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Have you ever visited someone’s profile and noticed the same green dot everywhere? It is possible that an empty grey circle will appear instead, so what does this mean? Although people have come up with some fascinating theories about what the green dot on Facebook means. It’s rather straightforward. If you’ve noticed a green dot next to someone’s profile photo, don’t worry; we’ll explain what it means.

The grey circle indicates that the individual is currently online on Facebook – nothing else. If you notice a single green dot next to his or her profile photo, it means that they are currently active on the site. When you see a green dot, it means you can talk with another person who is active or online. It shows beneath your friends’ names on the chat screen, and you can simply view other people’s status this way. Other social media platforms and apps act similarly, and the Facebook app is no different. You may be wondering how long the green dot will stay on your profile. The active green dot will appear as long as you are active on Facebook. However, there are several important distinctions and details to be aware of when it comes to the green dot on Messenger or a Facebook User page.

green dot mean on Facebook

Green Dot on Facebook Page

On a Facebook Page, the green dot indicates that someone is currently online in the page’s chat. As a result, if a person is active, they are receiving the messages sent by other users. The video icon will be accompanied by a green dot. You can even make a video call if you want to, as Facebook has video chatting features.

Green Dot on Facebook Messenger App

The green dot indicates that the user is active on Facebook (on Facebook Messenger). However, there is a catch:

If you are active on the Facebook website, others will see a green dot next to the video icon as long as you are active on Messenger and checking other people’s messages; however, your Messenger contacts will see the green dot even if you are not using the Facebook Messenger app. This occurs because, even when the chat is turned off, the Facebook Messenger app continues to operate in the background.

How to Turn Facebook’s green dot on and off

If you haven’t given Facebook permission to display your online status indicator, it’s because the green dot displays in everyone’s profiles by default. As a result, you must manually switch it off and on depending on your needs. Facebook allows you to modify your active status settings across all of your devices, allowing you to display people whether or not you are active on Messenger.

1. Managing the Green Dot on Facebook Website

If you want to turn the green dot on and off from the website, follow these simple instructions.

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Step 1: Go to the Facebook page.

To begin, log in to your Facebook account using your desktop browser as usual.

Step 2: Navigate to the Facebook Messenger Icon.

Then, click the “Facebook Messenger” button to start a new Messenger screen.

Step 3: Click the Chat Settings button next to the Video Chat Camera Icon.

Select the chat settings, which is a little icon in the upper right corner of the screen near to the video icon or video chat cog.

Step 4: Click the “Turn off Active Status” button.

There is an option here that says “Active Status.” Turn it off, and you’ll be OK. Remember that even if you are not online, you can still read and receive messages on Messenger.

That’s how you toggle the green dot on Messenger!

2. Managing the Green Dot on Facebook App

If, on the other hand, you want to know how to remove this dot from the Facebook app, then do the following.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook or Messenger app.

First, go to Facebook. You can access Facebook or Messenger directly – either way works.

Step 2: Click on your Facebook profile photo.

Tap on your profile photo once you’re in Facebook Messenger. This will bring up a menu with several options.

Step 3: Select “Active Status” and turn it off.

You can change the active status by scrolling down and clicking the “Active Status” button. You will no longer seem active on Messenger in this way.


That’s all you need to know so far! So don’t be concerned about managing the green dot. Check out our other blogs for more Facebook Messenger information and tips.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is the green dot indicating that they are on Facebook or Messenger?

A green dot indicates that someone is interacting with the Facebook app. It cannot tell you whether or not they are chatting on Messenger.

How can I get rid of the green dot on Facebook?

When you turn off the Active Status function on Facebook, the green dot will disappear. Our post on the topic will walk you through the process step by step.

Is a green dot indicating that someone is chatting or simply browsing Facebook?

The signal does not indicate that someone is currently chatting with others. The green dot on Facebook, on the other hand, indicates that the user is interacting with the app or website in some manner.

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