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What Does “TL” on Twitter Mean?

by | Mar 12, 2023

If you’ve been on Twitter for over a day, you’ve probably heard the acronym “TL” used. Of course, this comes along with several other Twitter abbreviations you won’t find anywhere else. But once you’ve mastered these acronyms, there’s no turning back, so let’s begin with the context and what does “TL” on Twitter mean. This post will explain all you need to know about the meaning of TL and other popular Twitter abbreviations.

Twitter Timeline (TL)

When you initially create an account, you will be presented with various topics labeled “interests” that you may follow. Although you may skip this step, Twitter will offer a list of accounts you may follow to receive tweets from accounts you may know. Whether or not you follow the suggested accounts and topics, these tweets will appear on your homepage or feed. A “timeline” or “TL” is a stream of these tweets as they appear on your feed.

The term “timeline” refers to the sequence of things in relation to the passage of time. As a result, when you scroll down, you should see tweets from new to old. But, an option on your homepage allows you to see Tweets as they drop to the oldest or to keep them randomly. Depending on the accounts and interests you follow, your TL may be a stream of tweets on a variety of topics. You may have tweeted about football, music, celebrities, politics, and other topics, for example. Also, a viral tweet might surface on your timeline if the people you follow interact with it.

How To Use “TL” on Twitter?

If you’re wondering how people use “TL” in their tweets, it’s actually fairly easy. You’re already on the right road to using it at any moment if you’re referring to your or someone else’s Twitter feed.


“I just saw this tweet on my Tl regarding Nicki and Cardi’s dispute, and omg, I’m in stitches!”

“My TL is a disaster! I suppose I’ll log off for a while.”

“I just saw my friend’s TL, and after one subtweet, it’s chaos, lol.”

"TL" on Twitter

Best Twitter Abbreviations to Know

On Twitter, you’ll discover several abbreviations often used in tweets by the platform’s millions of users. They’re necessary to understand if you want to avoid getting lost in talks most of the time. They consist of the following.

  • RT: This stands for retweet. It’s a feature that allows you to repost another user’s tweet.
  • LRT: Last retweet.
  • DM: This abbreviation stands for direct messages.
  • CC: This stands for carbon copy and functions similarly to email.
  • SEO: This stands for social engine optimization.
  • Ab/Abt: about
  • Btw: This is an abbreviation for “by the way” or “between.”
  • Oomf: This is short for “one of my followers.”
  • ICYMI: ICYMI is an acronym for “in case you missed it.”
  • L8r: Later.
  • Fml: For my life/f**k my life.
  • DP: This is an abbreviation for your display picture or profile picture.
  • Fyi: An acronym for “for your information.”
  • Mua: This is an abbreviation for “make-up artist.”
  • Dyk: This abbreviation stands for “Do Your Know.”
  • Ffs: For f**k’s sake.
  • Gtfoh: An acronym for “Get the f**k outta here.”
  • Gtfoh stands for “Get the f**k outta here.”
  • Idk: An abbreviation meaning “I don’t know.”
  • Irl: An abbreviation for “in real life.”
  • Jsyk: An acronym for “just so you know.”
  • Lmk: This is an abbreviation for “let me know.”
  • Jkjk: Just kidding, just kidding.
  • Kk: Okay.
  • Lmao: This is a popular one. That means “laugh my ass out.”
  • Lmfao: Stands for “Laugh my f**king ass out.”
  • Nsfw: An acronym for “Not safe for work.” In most cases, it refers to something explicit on Twitter.
  • Lol: The well-known “Laugh Out Loud.”
  • Idg: An abbreviation for “I don’t get.”
  • Idgaf: An acronym for “I don’t give a fuck.”
  • Re: Reply or in response to.
  • IIRC: If I remember correctly.
  • TLDR: Too long, didn’t read. This is used in the app for long tweet threads.

Commonly asked questions

What does “TL” on Twitter mean?

TL stands for “timeline,” a collection of tweets from Twitter accounts you follow.

How can I access my TL on Twitter?

Go into your Twitter account and go to the Home page to see your timeline. Your timeline will appear, showing all of the most recent posts from the people you follow.

Can I personalize my Twitter TL?

Absolutely, you can personalize your timeline by filtering the posts that appear on it. You can do this by selecting ‘Advanced Filters’ from the gear icon at the top of your timeline. This tool allows you to filter posts by language, content, account type, and other criteria.


You now understand “TL” on Twitter and other popular Twitter abbreviations. You can now use these abbreviations in tweets and conversations without feeling confused!

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