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What Happens to Deleted Tweets?

by | Mar 9, 2023

We’ve all heard that once you post anything on social media, it’s there for everyone to see. What happens, though, if you delete a tweet? Is it still visible? Does it still appear in the feeds of your followers? If so, for how long will it be visible to your followers? What happens to the tweet after you remove it if not? Whatever you put online will be visible to everyone forever. This is why, before you press the “Tweet” button, you should consider what will come out of your tweet. In this blog post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about deleted tweets, what happens when you delete Tweets, and how it affects your Twitter profile. Continue reading to be informed and ahead of the game!

How To Delete a Tweet on Twitter?

Log in to your Twitter account or use the Twitter app on your phone to navigate to the tweet you want to delete. Click the three dots in the upper right corner to remove a tweet, and then choose “Delete” or “Delete Tweet,” depending on your device. Lastly, confirm by clicking the “Delete” button. When you remove a tweet from your timeline, it is no longer visible to your followers.

What Happens When You Delete a Tweet?

As previously stated, when you delete a tweet, it is no longer visible on your timeline. This means that it is no longer visible to the general public and that you cannot view it. Unfortunately, it does not fully disappear. Twitter keeps archives in which it keeps all of your info. When you delete a tweet, Twitter has to delete it from all places, which may take some time. Yet, numerous Twitter monitoring businesses follow your Tweets, Followings, Likes, and so on to collect data about you and sell it to marketers. They save your data before Twitter can delete it from their archive. When you delete a Tweet, it is deleted from your timeline, account, and followers’ timelines, but it may remain hidden on the internet.

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Do Deleted Tweets Appear in Searches?

Deleted tweets are no longer visible to the public, but Google and other search engines still index them. Consequently, if someone searches for them, they may surface in search results. Someone who searches for something and comes across your deleted tweet can still access it. Twitter saves your deleted tweets and may make them available again at any point without your knowledge or approval. This is, however, not a regular occurrence.

Can Deleted Tweets Be Recovered?

It is not easy to recover deleted tweets, but it is possible. To recover a deleted tweet, you must first download your archive. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Use any device to access Twitter.
  2. On the laptop, click “More,” or on the mobile app, tap your profile photo in the upper left corner.
  3. Choose “Settings and privacy.”
  4. Choose the “Download an archive of your data” option from the “Your account” menu.
  5. Enter your password and press the “Next” button.
  6. Send an email or text message to confirm your identity.
  7. Under “Twitter data,” click the “Request archive” option.
  8. Twitter will give you a download link within 24 hours, perhaps sooner.
  9. Download the file and look for the deleted tweet.

Can You See Other People’s Deleted Tweets?

Seeing deleted tweets of other users is not impossible, but it is not a sure bet. Third-party apps that may have stored the tweet or search engines that may have indexed your tweet might allow you to view someone’s deleted Tweets. Nevertheless, the likelihood of this happening is low, and they must have a public account for this to work.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is it possible to recover a deleted tweet?

Unfortunately, no. Once you delete Tweets, there is no way to recover them.

Are deleted tweets still visible to other users? 

No, once a tweet is deleted, it will no longer be visible on Twitter and cannot be viewed by other users.

Does deleting a tweet remove it from search engine results? 

Yes, deleting a tweet will remove it from any search engine results related to you or the content of the tweet itself.


When you delete Tweets, they are deleted from your timeline as well as the timelines of your followers. If you want to change how your tweet is seen, edit it rather than deleting it totally. People regularly delete their tweets because they feel they have mistakes in them. Deleted tweets, on the other hand, are not the ideal solution to this problem. Instead, edit the tweet and re-post it to clarify your perspective. Keep these tips in mind when you use your Twitter account. You must exercise caution when using social media platforms such as Twitter. Anything you put online can live forever, so be cautious about what you share.

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