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What Is the TrueTwit Validation on Twitter?

by | Mar 9, 2023

If you’ve found this post, you’re probably interested in Twitter’s third-party TrueTwit validation service. Instead, if you want to stop fake accounts from following you on Twitter, you could get familiar with TrueTwit. So what is the Twitter TrueTwit validation? Here you will learn about TrueTwit validation and how to disable it if necessary. So please bear with us while we explain what TrueTwit validation on Twitter is all about.

What Is TrueTwit?

TrueTwit is a third-party validation service that checks accounts or sends direct messages to new followers to ensure their legitimacy. Simply said, TrueTwit allows you to determine whether your new followers are real people or bots. According to reports, this service has significantly reduced the number of spam followers you have. The benefit of this service is that it allows you to maintain an actual audience for your market rather than robots. You will have a large market reach, higher conversion rates, and more interactive sessions with real followers.

Additionally, the TrueTwit service is available in two varieties: basic and premium. You must sign up for the TrueTwit service to use the basic version. Having signed up, the TrueTwit service sends validation messages to new followers who are not TrueTwit members and are not following you.

The validation message is provided to people as a Captcha to fill out every time they follow you on Twitter. Once the user fills out the form, the app alerts you whether or not they are real. The premium version waives the entire process of sending direct messages in favor of profile analysis. The premium version uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to evaluate the followers’ tweets and profile information to determine whether or not they are genuine. This premium version costs $20 annually, but you receive a 30-day obligation-free trial first. You must be a TrueTwit member to use this version, just like the basic version.

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Furthermore, both are good at preventing spammers from spamming you. Note that TrueTwit does not operate independently (it will not follow or unfollow any account). Instead, its role is to provide you with the results of its analysis so you can decide whether to remove or block the fake account.

How Can I Disable TrueTwit Validation?

Despite TrueTwit’s praised benefits in spam reduction, most Twitter users dislike the service. Most people who receive TrueTwit automated messages perceive them as spam and do not respond properly. In fact, some of them unfollow and distance themselves from TrueTwit accounts. As a result, the profile of Twitter users who use this service for business has suffered since they have lost more followers. As a result, most TrueTwits users are attempting to delete this service and restore their original accounts. This guide will let you know how to deactivate TrueTwit from your Twitter account. Follow these easy steps to disable TrueTwit:

  1. Log into your TrueTwit account.
  2. Choose “Cancel Service.”
  3. Use a browser to access your Twitter account.
  4. More can be found on the left navigation.
  5. Choose “Settings and privacy.”
  6. Choose “Security and account access.”
  7. Choose “Apps and Sessions.”
  8. Choose “Connected apps.”
  9. Select TrueTwit.
  10. Choose “Revoke app permissions.”

After you finish, your account will no longer send validation DMs to your new and current followers.

What is TrueTwit validation?

TrueTwit validation is a service used on Twitter to verify that new followers of an account are real people. It involves sending out a validation request which the user must respond to in order to follow the account.

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What is the purpose of TrueTwit validation? 

TrueTwit validation aims to protect accounts from malicious users and potential spammers by ensuring that all followers are genuine people. This helps ensure an authentic audience for an account and ensure that posts and tweets reach the right people.

How do I use TrueTwit validation? 

Using TrueTwit Validation is easy – simply set up the service on your profile settings, and it will automatically send out a validation request whenever a new user tries to follow you. After they click the requested link, they can follow your account.

Is there any cost associated with using TrueTwit validation? 

No – there are no costs associated with using TrueTwit validation, making it an excellent resource for extra protection of your Twitter account at no extra cost.


Twitter is a fantastic social network for connecting people with similar interests in business and other areas. Yet, the network’s rapidly expanding spam operations and bots make it difficult for real people to connect. Thankfully, there is a solution available through the TrueTwit third-party service. Business Twitter users can access a larger number of genuine followers thanks to the services’ validation methods. Although this service is appropriate for some, it is not for everyone. Despite its benefits, most users are uninterested in TrueTwit validation on Twitter. Such users can disable TrueTwit by following the instructions outlined earlier in this article.

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