WhatsApp Beta Tests Screen Sharing for Video Calls

by | Jun 1, 2023

WhatsApp Beta Tests Screen Sharing for Video Calls

The instant messaging platform owned by Meta is preparing to launch a feature called “Screen-Sharing,” which will introduce a new position for tabs on the button navigation bar.

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a feature that will enable users to share their screens during video calls after introducing other new features on the platform. The Meta-owned instant messaging service is planning to release a feature called “Screen-Sharing,” which will create a new spot for tabs in the button navigation bar. Initially, the feature will be available to Android beta testers before being launched to all users, including those on iOS.

Compatibility issues on older Android versions 

According to WABetaInfo, the new screen-sharing feature on WhatsApp may not be compatible with older versions of Android and may not function correctly in large group calls. Additionally, if a recipient is using an outdated version of the app, they may not be able to view the content of the user’s screen.

WhatsApp beta tests ‘Screen-Sharing’ feature with user consent requirement

WhatsApp beta is currently testing the ‘Screen-Sharing’ feature, which is already popular on other platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. According to the report, the feature will only be activated if the user grants permission to share the contents of their screen.

WhatsApp beta introduces reorganized bottom navigation bar and upcoming ‘Usernames’ feature

Users who have installed the latest version of WhatsApp beta may notice some minor changes to the app’s bottom navigation bar. Specifically, some tabs within the bar have been reorganized and placed in a particular order.

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As per the report, the bottom navigation bar for some WhatsApp users now includes tabs for Chats, Calls, Communities, and Status. Additionally, WhatsApp is said to be developing a feature called ‘Usernames’, which would enable users to select unique usernames for their accounts instead of relying on phone numbers to connect with others on the platform. This feature, which is already available on Telegram, would give WhatsApp users the option to choose a distinctive username for identifying contacts.

Source: www.au.pcmag.com

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