WhatsApp Enables HD Image Sharing for Select Android and iOS Beta Testers

by | Jun 11, 2023

WhatsApp is addressing user complaints about image sharing by implementing less aggressive compression protocols for faster transfers. Currently, images shared on the platform experience a loss of quality due to this compression. However, WhatsApp is set to change this soon.

WhatsApp Beta Testing HD Image Sharing for Android and iOS Users, Reports WABetaInfo

According to a report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing the ability for select beta testers on both Android and iOS to share high-definition (HD) quality images. This feature is currently available on the WhatsApp beta for iOS version and WhatsApp beta for Android version.

The screenshot provided shows that the option to send HD-quality images is located at the top, next to the crop icon. Upon selecting this option, an “HD” watermark will appear on the bottom left corner of the image.

Limitations of WhatsApp’s HD Image Sharing Feature

There are limitations to the HD image sharing feature. The option will only be available if the user shares large images, but even then, the images will still be slightly compressed and not sent at full resolution. WhatsApp will maintain the aspect ratio of the image in full resolution. Additionally, the HD option needs to be manually enabled each time as the default option is set to Standard.

In addition to the previously announced feature of sending larger files up to 2GB in size, WhatsApp now allows HD image sharing. However, it is important to note that this feature is limited to images only. Videos shared on the platform will still be subject to aggressive compression. To avoid this, it is recommended to share videos as shared documents, at least for now.

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The implementation of this feature is currently clunky and limited to a small group of beta testers on iOS and Android. However, it is expected to roll out more widely in the beta phase soon. It is hoped that WhatsApp will improve the feature before it becomes available to everyone. Stay tuned for further updates. Share your thoughts on this new feature in the comments below.

Source: www.beebom.com

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