WhatsApp Introduces Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup for User Protection

by | Jun 20, 2023

WhatsApp Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup

WhatsApp is focused on ensuring message privacy and has developed various privacy features to achieve this goal. They prioritize security through end-to-end encryption, which guarantees secure transmission of calls and messages. In addition to this foundation, WhatsApp has introduced additional privacy layers, such as Chat Lock, Disappearing Messages, screenshot blocking for View Once messages, and online presence privacy. To further enhance privacy, WhatsApp has introduced two new updates: Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup.

How Silence Unknown Callers Feature Helps Privacy?

Silence Unknown Callers provides users with more control and privacy over incoming calls. This feature automatically filters out spam, scams, and calls from unknown sources, offering increased protection. While these calls won’t ring on the user’s phone, they will still be visible in the Call list in case they turn out to be important.

How Privacy Checkup Feature Enhances User Privacy?

To raise awareness about privacy options, WhatsApp has introduced Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup. This feature serves as a step-by-step guide to important privacy settings, allowing users to customize the level of protection they desire. By selecting “Start checkup” in the Privacy settings, users can navigate through various privacy layers that enhance the security of their messages, calls, and personal information.

WhatsApp recognizes the significance of securing private communication and aims to provide a safe space for people to communicate. They encourage individuals to reach out to others securely through private messages, assuring friends and loved ones that they have a secure environment for open and private communication.

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Source: www.blog.whatsapp.com

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