WhatsApp Rolls Out ‘View Once’ Mode for Voice Notes to Beta Testers on iOS, Android

by | Oct 22, 2023

WhatsApp is testing out a new feature called “View Once” for voice notes. This means that users can send voice notes that can only be listened to once and then disappear. The feature is currently being tested by a small group of users before it’s released to everyone.

Previously, WhatsApp already had the “View Once” option for sending pictures and videos. Now they’re adding it for voice notes too. The feature is being tested on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS. If you have the compatible update, you’ll see a new icon in the chat bar that lets you enable the “View Once” mode for voice notes.

When you send a voice note in “View Once” mode, the recipient can listen to it once, but they can’t save it or forward it to others. It’s all about privacy and making sure that your voice notes are temporary and not stored or shared.

WhatsApp has been focusing on privacy lately. They’re also working on a secret code feature for locked chats, where users can create a password to protect their chats. Additionally, they introduced support for passkeys on Android, allowing users to log back into their account securely using biometric authentication or a device PIN.

Overall, WhatsApp is making efforts to enhance privacy and give users more control over their messages and media. The “View Once” mode for voice notes is just one of the new features they’re testing to improve the user experience.

Source: wabetainfo.com


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