WhatsApp to Add New Username System & Major Features: Beta Versions

by | May 31, 2023

Exciting news! WhatsApp has been working on some fantastic new features, including a brand-new username system and an option to share your screen during video calls. According to an initial report by WABetaInfo, the username system will empower users to choose a unique name for their account. This feature was spotted in the app’s beta version for Android.

New WhatsApp Features Found in Beta Testing

Beta testers of WhatsApp’s version have discovered some exciting new features. 

  • One of them is a screen-sharing option that allows users to share their screen contents during video calls. It also reportedly allows them to record sections of the call. Isn’t that cool?
  • Some testers also reported finding a “status archive” feature, which is currently limited to business accounts. This feature lets users archive their WhatsApp statuses after 24 hours and reshare them later in the future. Although these features are still in development, they are expected to be rolled out gradually to users. 
  • Other changes include a new “password reminder feature” for end-to-end encrypted backups on WhatsApp for iOS and Android. Plus, there is now improved support for message drafts.
  • Additionally, WhatsApp’s new “improved support for message drafts” feature is expected to be helpful for users who tend to forget about partially composed messages in the midst of conversations. Previously, the company did not indicate the presence of a message under drafts in the chat bar. However, with the new indicator of unfinished messages at the top of the chat list, users may be able to notice them more easily.
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Changes in WhatsApp’s Navigation Bar and Screen-Sharing Feature Limitations

Upon downloading the beta for Android update, users might notice a few small changes on WhatsApp’s bottom navigation bar. There is a new icon and a prompt during video calls that help users share their screen. This feature records everything displayed on one’s screen and shares it with the recipient. However, it may not work in large group calls, and the recipient may not be able to access the content of the sharer’s screen if they are using an outdated version of WhatsApp. The potential wider accessibility of this feature remains unclear.

Source: www.independent.co.uk

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