WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Add Two Accounts to One Device

by | Oct 22, 2023

WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Add Two Accounts to One Device

WhatsApp is making things easier for people who have multiple WhatsApp accounts. Soon, you won’t need to carry two phones anymore just to access both accounts. WhatsApp will allow you to add two accounts to one device. All you need is a second phone number or a phone that can use eSIM or have dual/multiple SIMs.

You won’t have to log out of one account to use the other. To have both accounts at the same time, go to the Settings page in the app and click on your name. You’ll find an option to “Add account.” Each account has its own settings for privacy and notifications. This is great if you want to receive alerts from one account but not the other, especially when you’re on vacation and don’t want to be bothered by work or business messages.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp introduced the ability to access your account on multiple devices. Before that, you could only have one account on one phone. In April, they allowed syncing one account across up to four phones. Now, this new update will make it even easier to manage different parts of your life while keeping them separate. The update will be available for Android devices in the coming weeks.

Source: whatsapp.com


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