Why Am I Banned from TikTok Live? A Guide to Lifting the Ban

If you have been banned from performing live broadcasts on TikTok, you may have violated their policies. TikTok is notorious for enforcing strict rules when it comes to going live on the app, which may occasionally result in TikTok banning creators for no apparent reason if they have been misinformed or the algorithm has encountered a glitch. As long as you are over the age of 16, and have at least 1000 followers, you should be able to go live without restriction. Being able to broadcast as a creator is critical since it is how you interact with your followers and get gifts, which is why we have prepared this tutorial to help you get your TikTok unbanned as soon as possible.

What Happens If TikTok Bans You?

TikTok has a diverse audience, thus the company must establish community guidelines that users must obey in the interest of protecting one another. When you breach the community guidelines, TikTok will send you warnings, and if you do it again, your account will be banned. TikTok imposes three different types of bans.

Temporary Ban

TikTok may suspend your account for a day or two if the degree of your violation is not severe. It might take up to a week in severe circumstances. With this ban, your account will remain operational, but most functionalities, such as sending messages, modifying your profile, and uploading videos, will be inaccessible. Normal functionality will be restored once the ban period has expired.

Permanent Ban

Repeat offenders will most certainly get their accounts permanently banned. With this, you will receive a “permanently banned from live streaming” message, and your account will be made unusable until you appeal and TikTok accepts your appeal.

Shadow Ban

A shadow ban is only valid for two weeks, and you will notice a fall in the number of views on your videos. Furthermore, you won’t be able to see any videos on the “For You” tab.

Why does TikTok ban users?

Violating the rules or doing anything that violates the TikTok application’s community guidelines is the most common cause for being banned from going live on TikTok. Furthermore, if other users frequently report your account, you will be banned. TikTok is ranked eighth among the most important social entertainment and creativity-showcasing sites. For governing such a large community, there are community standards that must be properly followed. If the TikTok administration deems you guilty of breaching the rules and regulations or acting against the community guidelines, you will undoubtedly be banned. Another cause for a ban is when other users report your account. The authorities will then look into such reports. When the regulators find you guilty, they have the ability to ban you.

The following are the reasons why your account was banned.

Reason #1: Posting Sexual or Nudity Content

TikTok is a social network that wants to offer content that everyone can relate to. As a result, once you start posting sexual content or nudity, you endanger your account, and TikTok may quickly ban your account if it is detected. TikTok does not accept sexual material or nudity since it violates the Children’s Protection Act.

Reason #2: Endangering Minors’ Safety

Assuring child safety is one of TikTok’s most significant issues, and they will not compromise in this area. Promoting any content or videos depicting abuse, exploitation, or endangering kids violates TikTok’s platform, and those accounts will be terminated or banned if they are discovered. This site strongly prohibits the promotion of any content that encourages the sexual exploitation of kids. If you do anything like this, you should be banned. Nudity or sexual conduct involving children can potentially result in an account ban.

Reason #3: Encouraging Self-Harm

Anything that praises self-harm, such as suicide, is not appropriate for public consumption, and TikTok will suspend your account if you do. TikTok will ban your account if it is identified for advocating self-injury or other forms of self-harm. When you upload such context, it is classified as “non-professional context,” which violates the community standards. 

Reason No. 4: Publicizing Dangerous Acts and Challenges

If your content praises or spreads harmful activities that might result in serious injury or death, your Tik Tok account will be banned. This platform does not appreciate anything that discusses or offers instructions on how to do a harmful action, dangerous games, dares, challenges, or stunts that might result in injury or property damage. If you support this type of content you will likely get banned.

Reason #5: Distributing Violent Content

TikTok is opposed to graphic violence. Horror movie clips are entertaining, but they are not for everyone. Furthermore, TikTok prohibits you from posting violent films, even if you are presenting breaking news that is violent. Violent material may also include video of accident injuries or other bloodshed-related stuff. TikTok does this to safeguard its young audience from trauma and the bad effects of violent material.

Reason #6: Encouragement of Illegal Activities

TikTok will ban your account if you publish or broadcast about unlawful activities including drug abuse, human exploitation, or sex trafficking. Your TikTok video can be educational, but instructing individuals on illicit activities is against the community standards. 

Reason #7: Plagiarized Content

Copyright applies to any work that is not your own.  As a result, TikTok is wary about copied content. If you are detected for claiming someone else’s ideas or content as your own, you will instantly have your account banned.

Reason #8: Supporting Violent Extremist Groups and Individuals

When you share clips about terrorist organizations or persons associated with terrorist organizations, organized hate groups, or established criminal organizations, you will be banned.

Reason #9: Harassment and bullying

You might be reported if you use TikTok to make blackmail threats or abuse someone. If TikTok deems you guilty, there is no way out, and your account will be banned.  Furthermore, TikTok will deactivate your account if you threaten to disclose someone’s sensitive information, such as bank statements or address.

How to get unbanned from TikTok live

If you are facing a temporary ban, you can either wait until the ban expires or file an appeal. If the ban is permanent, you must appeal to see if TikTok will reassess your account.

Method #1: Send an email to TikTok

One option is to email TikTok using the email address linked with your blocked account. You must describe what occurred to your account and explain that it was banned despite the fact that you did not breach any community standards. The difficult part is waiting for the TikTok staff to reply to your email. Nonetheless, send an email to info@tiktok.com to make your case.

Method #2: Provide Feedback

You must write your comment here, stating that your account was banned for no reason. Use this link to access the share your feedback form, and when sending feedback or reporting a problem, use the information of your banned account.

Method #3: Report a Problem

Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your TikTok profile and hit the three-dot icon.
  • Select the “Report a problem” link.
  • Select “Live/Payment/Rewards” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Hosting Live,” then select “Live is Suspended.”
  • Select “No” > “Still have a problem.”
  • Explain your problem, then click “Report” to send your report.


It’s aggravating to have your TikTok live feature restricted. This tutorial explained why TikTok banned your account and provided three options for appealing to TikTok and hopefully getting the ban removed on your TikTok live.

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